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I have googled Gigi Goyette/Jeffers, and have not been able to find what part she played on Little House. Of course don't recognize her now, since she was 16 at the time. Does anyone know what part she played??? Thankss


So 20 years ago she had a affair???? Now she wants to get paid...roflmfao....


Are you serious??????? Why come out with this now???? She could have spoken up at any time and she waits until now??? You gotta love these women that love the spotlight!! If you ask me....I think they all need some serious help.....They actually lay down with this man while he's married, then come forward years later...I have no respect for any of them.. But then again, I am not a cheater or a home wrecker!


Most def hoes are everywhere no matter the color of there skin. Get ready for 3,4,5,6 u get the picture


I agree with u girl! whats up with all these racist comments? lol


Lol so this ones white bet no races comments will b made about her right.. told u theirs hoes in every race not only Latinos... ;)

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