Gigi Goyette: Arnold Schwarzenegger Mistress #2!

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Move over, Mildred Patricia Beana. Former child star Gigi Goyette has come forward as The Sperminator's mistress as well, via her attorney Gloria Allred.

"I represent Gigi Goyette, who had an intimate relationship with Arnold," Allred said.

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The attorney declined to comment on why Goyette is coming forward now or her intentions for going public, but we have pulled together some details.

Gigi Goyette, 52, had success as a kid on Little House on Prairie. She reportedly met and slept with Schwarzenegger back in his 1975 Pumping Iron days.

She was 16 then. He was 28. But that's beside the point.

After a long layoff, the two reportedly picked things up again and had an affair in 1989, three years after the action star married Maria Shriver.

Goyette, who also goes by Gigi Jeffers, was one of the many women linked to Schwarzenegger as he made his bid for governor of California.

The Los Angeles Times reported that two days before Schwarzenegger announced his candidacy, Gigi Goyette signed a confidentiality agreement.

American Media Inc.. which publishes the National Enquirer, Star and now also owns Radar Online, paid her in $20,000 in exchange for her silence.

Seven months later, Arnold Schwarzenegger loaned his name to the editorial masthead of two bodybuilding magazines owned by the company.

The Times report raised suspicions that Schwarzenegger cut a deal as a quid pro quo for the tabloid publisher quashing reports of his infidelity.

Allred has made a career out of repping women caught up in cheating scandals with rich and famous men and has gotten them big paychecks.

Clients include Tiger Woods' lover Rachel Uchitel, one of Jesse James' mistresses and a woman who claimed to have a fling with David Boreanaz.

Allred said she has no plans on calling a press conference and announcing her plans. But we're sure she has Arnold Schwarzenegger's attention.

He and Shriver announced their separation last week. Monday, the Times broke the story that he fathered a child out of wedlock 14 years ago.

Schwarzenegger admitted the affair to Maria and to the Times, reportedly after Mildred Baena (also known as Patty Baena) confessed it to Shriver.


Damn Arnold, what in the hell were you thinking dude.


Pathetic how these people come out of the woodwork. So you had a fling with him, you weren't bothered by it obviously until you see a possible monetary gain. No respect for some woman who comes out and admits she slept with a married man.


These 2 look like they could be brother and sister...sorry just had to throw it out there...but look how close their characteristics are...particularly their smile. Very weird and gross to know he'd wanna have a mistress that could pass as his sister!


eyes off Tiger...have a feast with Ahnold and the frenchi maniac ex IMF old guy..... ah...married men!


He sure likes manly looking women.


Sick pervert and low esteem women Sick of all this s**t in hollywood


speechless smdh!!


I have heard that Ah-nold basically propositioned any and every woman he ever came in contact with for more than a minute throughout his adult life and career. Which tells me that Maria was either (a) blind, (b) didn't care, (c) suffers from beyond low self esteem, and/or (d) a, b, and c. I don't know how long it will take for women to understand that man whores are NOT a ticket to anything positive or good in the long run. And what's worse---their kids may not learn this lesson either until it's too late. Very sad.


I guess this chick thinks she's going to get paid are something!!!!


why come out now???? extortion much. especially with that fameho discredited attorney Allred. she consented and new he was married. go away ho.

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