Frank Sorrentino, Father of The Situation, Goes OFF on Jersey Shore Star in Video Rants

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Frank Sorrentino, father of Mike Sorrentino (a.k.a. The Situation from Jersey Shore), has a lot too say about his son in videos he posted online Tuesday.

Spoiler alert: He's not a fan.

In a two-video series, hilariously titled with the acronym FTLF (F**k the Little F**ker) and backed by a dramatic score, Sitch's dad derides him as a sellout.

One particularly memorable quote pertaining to Mike dissing him:

"I ask you one f**king favor and you tell me to go f**king be like a regular f**king Joe Blow and go on welfare? No, my friend, I don't do that."

Nice. He goes on to claim that Mike got fired from a job once for receiving oral relief under his desk. You gotta watch Frank's (NSFW) rants below:

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With a dad like that, no wonder the kid turned out to be a loser. Can you imagine someone calling their kid a little f-er, then expecting them to grow up to be a stellar citizen. Lame!


After watching "The Situation" on Jersey Shore, I believe the claims of Frank. Mike just seems a little too full of himself and he needs to be brought down a peg or two. If there is something people need to understand on their way up. The people that you pass on the way are going to be the same people you pass on your way down. Don't bite the hand that has always fed ya.


FRUIT DON'T FALL TO FAR FROM THE TREE!!!! you seen this guys son on the Donald Trump Roast so FULL OF HIMSELF, he comes off like an arrogant stupid ass greaser! a true disgrace to the real deal Italians! .... now pops on the other hand is a disgruntled Dad for sure....... who knows what really happened? i will say two things,... #1 to be fair to all involved here, let's here the Boy's side of this story just to be fair, and #2 to Pops, wait a few days after something like this happeneds before having the Press, TMZ or whoever interview you, if you are still HOT as fish grease (mad as hell)after a few days then on buck it do your thing!, but most times when we are mad we do things we u;ultimately regret forever!, once it's on tape it can haunt you FOREVER


Here we go again, another parent thinking they're entitled to their kids money. Hey you bum, get a job if you want money, don't expect your kid to support you.


Eveyone is so quick to judge mike for not giveing his dad money, that hes a sell out.But really think about it there must be a reason come on look at the guy he doesnt even look stable and he should be ashame for doing what hes doing to his sons rep. In this case it doesnt seem that the older u are the wiser u get. What kind of father would humilate his son this way over money.GROW UP U SHOULD ALLWAYS BE THERE FOR UR CHILDREN NO MATTER WHAT THE SITUATION.


I agree with rose on this one. What father does this to their son. I couldn't imagine going public and embarrassing my own child like this. I mean I don't particularly LIKE The Situation (at all) but no kid deserves a parent like this. Something tells me this guy was paid to do this and the money was more important than his son. Pathetic.


I'm not a "Situation" fan, but a parent selling out their child & talking this way is the lowest. How could anything, money or fame make you talk about your child? Disgusting. From what I've read this man was a wife beater, Mike should cut all ties with him & sue him if he continues to talk about him.


i agree with rose 100%. shame on you, you're obviously just angry that Mike's now rich and he's not sharing his wealth with you. Just as obviously, YOU must have done SOMETHING to cause your son to turn his back on you. Two sides to every story. I'm glad you're not MY dad.


You are a low life pig. We as parents put our "Balls" on the block for our children more than once, why do you think your special. Maybe you felt Mike is making a few bucks now let me mooch some money off of him, he said no and you go and disgrace his name. Shame on you, let's hear his story, yours sucks. Get a job.