Frank Bailey, Former Sarah Palin Staff Member, Shreds Her in Tell-All Book

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Frank Bailey, a former member of Sarah Palin's inner circle, has written a scathing tell-all book about the former Alaska governor turned professional celebrity.

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    I would read it just cuz , besides Mercedes, he is another trying to take off the blinders on most Americans who think the Palins are perfect. She is EVIL and so is her family. Levi was telling the truth but had to lie about it to save his ass. I cannot wait till he comes out with a book 10 years from now with more shit bout them and everyone will have to suck it up realizing how f--ing stupid they were to beleive this BS family. Just Wait.


    At least this "snitch" or "dirtbag" is willing to put his name behind his claims and the only reason that you yahoo's are up in arms over it is because you think this woman is so great. I cant wait to buy his book. Its about time you yahoo's took off your blinders regarding this Alaskan Yap trap!!


    Sarah Palin is nothing more then self serving, arrogant, brainless, and a school yard bully. She is an embarrassment to all women around the globe. I would love to see her run for President then, I hope that it will finally shut her mouth when she realizes that she has only limited support from some of the US ppl. Chances are she won't run but if she does (and loses)can we get a iron clad guarantee that she will just go back to alaska and shut her big mouth?????


    Calling this wimp a 'dirtbag' is an insult to dirt everywhere; curiously checked this out when it released... gossipy, slander-slop tripe from a spineless li'l ogre who's cryin' & whinin' his way to the bank, unable to cut it in the integrity department of real work. Disgusting slam/trash... next? ~ LC


    The dirtbag that wrote this book infiltrated her campaign with an alterier motive...she should sue his ass for posting private emails that were passed between family members. His job was to give her internet presence...not write a book revealing personnal correspondence!! Dirtbag!!


    What the hell is wrong with people who think she'd be anything close to a great president?! This is what people start to think when we haven't had a proficient president for a couple of years...
    Sarah Palin? Are you joking with me? Are half of those votes sarcastic ones? I sure hope we haven't gotten that incompetent.


    I FIND this to Be QUIET INTERESTING!! I DO PLAN ON READING IT ASAP... I think she is NOTHING but like what the voting polls suggest.. and "ATTENTION WHORE"... and NOTHING MORE..


    bailey is a snitch-i wouldnt support this jerk by buying anything he puts out-he's slime.

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