First Breaking Dawn Poster: Unveiled!

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It's officially... boring.

Summit Entertainment has released the first poster for Breaking Dawn Part I, and it doesn't exactly do the thrilling story justice.

Breaking Dawn Poster

This is a tale that delivers vampire babies, Bella/Edward sex scenes and other exciting events we don't want to spoil for those who haven't read the books.

And a logo over a foreboding sky is the best producers could do? Consider us disappointed. Fortunately, with a November 18 release date, there's plenty of time for new posters and promotional efforts to get it right.

What about you? What do you think of the poster?


if they dont wanna ruin anything then they shouldnt have put the posters up like they did in the previous ones!


kay, seriously, this is so not cool, this poster makes it seem like the story's just a walk in the park. there are plenty other ways they could've gone with this


ok i brought a poster of the priates of c 4 and its 5 45 it used to be 445 with taz is 5 dollas so iam not buying breaking dwan poster if it coast 545 that is way to much


This is just silly! why bother?


its wack it could of been better way better

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