Fashion Face-Off: Kate Middleton vs. Michelle Obama

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Talk about a clash of style titans!

Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton met Michelle Obama earlier today during the President's visit to the UK. Her husband, Prince William, was on hand as well.

The big question (besides what they all talked about) is which of these fashion icons dressed best on this grand occasion. That, your votes will determine!

As you can see, Kate opted for a form-fitting tan dress, while Michelle went a more vibrant route. Vote on the winner of this Fashion Face-Off below!

Fashion Face-Off!

Who looked better at Buckingham Palace, Kate Middleton or First Lady Michelle Obama? Weigh in on a royally awesome style showdown here ... View Poll »


Joyce, I could have easily said that the left side of the picture could have been left off. However, that would not be fair. Both women are dressed well and both women look good in what they are wearing. Both outfits are attractive. Neither women needs help! Quick!!!!!! However, each of us is entitled to our own opinion. I suspect that Kate Middleton will continue to enhance her wardrobe and take care with her selection of clothes and to wear them well. I will say the same about Michelle Obama.


what you talki'n bout? There is no contest should have left the right (side) picture off. Obama needs help! quick!!!!!!!


Beautiful. The two definitely show sedate hues dont have to sacrifice your stark presence or your glow. And in such different ways

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