Fashion Face-Off: Adam Lambert vs. David Archuleta

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They are, arguably, the two most popular non-winners in American Idol history - and both came out last night to support the show that made them famous.

Adam Lambert, accompanied by boyfriend Sauli Koskinen, and David Archuleta stopped to pose for photographers on the red carpet of the finale, held at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles.

Lambert actually made controversial news during season 10, calling out James Durbin at one point and saying the top four finisher was "trying too hard." But he was simply all smiles at the event, which was attended by a number of past contestants.

Compare these two now and vote on a fashion victor:

Fashion Face-Off!

It's a matchup of American Idol second place finishers. Decide between Adam Lambert and David Archuleta now! View Poll »

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no comparison! you can't compare between gorgeous, sophisticated man and cute little child! but both are amazing singers!


david is the cutest guy in the world, irregardless of what he is wearing. very hard to believe he doesn't have a girlfriend!


This is a stupid poll. Both are not in the same category. Adam should be in the same category with David Bowie, Boy George and Freddy Mercury because those like to put on make-up and dress to be like a lady. But David is just being David, relax doesn't try hard to get attention from people.When David wanted to dress-up, like during the ALMA award, he wore suit and he looked seriously amazing. Even so he didn't plester his face with foundation and other make-up. He doesn't need any make-up. His face is amazingly smooth without any crate on it, so he doesn't need to caulking it.


IN Egypt The Egyptians Will Vote 4 Archie Of Course


Hey Go East Go West David archie always The Best I Love david
I Vote 4 Him ♥♥♥ Luv U 4 Ever Archie U Must Know U are The Best Ever Ever Ever


in EGYpt you are the best >>>>Best wish


i love you David >>> you will won in sha2 allah


Mr. Hater, I think you should compare Adam to someone else (maybe to Bill Kaulitz from Tokio Hotel, or to Boy George, since these two also like fashion and make-up like Adam… then you would ask: who uses better?) but definitely not to David, who: 1- couldn´t care less about fashion
2- tweeted about wanting to be like cartoon characters, because they don´t have to change their clothes
3- doesn´t even know how to use a hair dryer
4- doesn´t use make-up of any kind
5- doesn´t use jewelry
6- dress always modestly even for the stage Even though you are comparing what should NOT be compared, I pick David, because natural beauty is more atractive to me.


I vote for Adam because he looks hot in everything he wears. David is such a cutie, though. I really hate these Idol polls. What's the point?


Wow! Reading through the comments and Archuleta fans are vicious women aren't they? You have your claws out. It's really sad that women your age behave like this. Do you kiss your grandchildren with those mouths?