Emily Maynard and Brad Womack: DEFINITELY Over

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How do we know for sure? Well, we suppose we don't. Not 100 percent anyway, since no named source will confirm it, let alone The Bachelor pair themselves.

But come on. We know a breakup when we see it, and even if there's no Twitter war of words available to the public, we're willing to stick a fork in these two.

Here's why we're 99.9% sure of a Brad Womack-Emily Maynard breakup:

A Special Bachelor Moment

It was all downhill from here ...

  • It happened once before, between the taping of The Bachelor and the night the After the Final Rose special aired. Not a good sign, and they didn't even seem happy (or put on that good a front) by that point.
  • The distance thing isn't that bad. Yes, Emily and Brad live in North Carolina and Texas. Too far to drive. But if you're in love, you make it work, rather than cite this as a reason it didn't before even really trying.
  • Brad is persona non grata on her Facebook / Twitter. Yes, we realize they are probably just private people. But not one denial of the absurd rumors floating around tells you something. She doesn't even mention him.
  • The engagement ring is off. Typical of a non-engaged woman.
  • Brad is actually a cyborg. Okay, that's just THG's theory.

In short, Brad is clearly 0-2 at this Bachelor thing. Perhaps he should have proposed to Ashley Hebert ... she seemed into him, which Emily never really did.


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Brad, stop being so shallow and going for the dramatic and heartless so-called beauty queens. You had a couple genuine and nice girls on your last Bachelor show, and you passed them all by for a bleach-blonde piece of ***. Learn to look at who a person really is and not just what their hair and makeup looks like and they will make you truly happy. A woman who puts her bastard kid over you is not worth the time of day. Come on back for your 3rd season and this time why not try dating in the dark so your hormones don't take over.... Look with your heart


Fact is, she was taking trips to Atlanta at night and lying to him telling him she had a job at an oyster bar, he said it wasn't the smell of rotting fish that bothered him, it was the scent of stale peanut butter, imagine that????


I didn't think Emily was into Brad unlike Chantal. If he had chosen her, it would have worked out. Emily had too much baggage and turned out to be an insecure shrew in ATFR. So much for being the sweet Southern belle!


You can do better than her. Sorry it did not work out. There is the right person for you out there, even in the Great State of Texas


No way you know this. Did you ever think they really want to be left alone. Until Chris Harrison saids it- it ain't so.

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