Elin Nordegren Seeks New Boyfriend, Hates Tiger Woods

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Elin Nordegren is back in dating game, according to Us Weekly.

Eight months after divorcing Tiger Woods, the Swedish model "was seeing a banker in Florida for three months, but that went nowhere," an insider says.


That's too bad, but at least she's putting herself out there.

As for the father of her children? Relations have been better. "The only interaction they have is when she drops the kids off," adds the inside source.

"That's it. She hates Tiger. She doesn't see him or speak with him. And they have their custody schedule already set through the end of the year."

Well ... at least there's no ugly custody battle raging.

When she's not seeking a new boyfriend, Elin Nordegren spends her time taking classes at Rollins College and renovating her North Palm Beach home.

"She is is knocking it down and rebuilding on the lot," says the source, adding that she's renting a place nearby. "She's doing really well."


Hey Salami, nice post for a jilted mom. Golf TV ratings are actually up from last year and our storied game will certainly survive URKEL WOODS, but will he ever regain form? Unlikely since he rarely plays and his ego won't let him fire his coach who ruined his swing, Sean Foley. Stop bashing women abused by multi billionaire egos. She'll be regarded as class for life, most Americans regard him as a pithy whiny loser who got caught sexting with a billion in the bank Stupid as well as immoral


I can't think of any other woman in modern times that has suffered the world-wide public humilliation that Tiger Woods inflicted to Elin Nordegren. I wish Elin finds a good, decent man that loves and respect her and her children as they deserve.


You can forgive someone without having to deal with em...marriage or not a playa still a playa and that's what he is, sleeping with all those women...@ salami sounds like ur a playa...satisfying tiger obviously wasn't enough he had to step out, we call that a sex addict...though a sex addict can't control urges but if he can control his golf game why not his sex...? How bout you use ur English grammar correctly... who r u to call names, ur not all that... no one knows the true storyline..


why shouldn't she....who are u people to judge her ...Tiger Woods and his squeky clean image was all a shame; he deserves everything that she is giving him....I would not be bothered with the douche bag either way to go Erin N


If She doesn't for give him, she can never forgive herself and move on. It will hunt her forever. God Bless!!!!!!!


gold digging wh***. Why give a crap about you kids, take the money and run, that was the orginal plan.. If she satisfied her man he would be out there. Tigers done more for kids that any other sports star... One strike and he out.. Basically the media is cutting the throat of golf. Look at the rating when tiger plays and ticket sales....There's haredly anyone there anymore. Tiger woods has done more for golf than any player beside maybe bobby jones...If she didn't have that pretty face she would probably be homeless, she was a glorfied baby sitter when Tiger met her.. One thing for sure she sure doesn't believe in forgiveness but know how to smag money ...so much for prenupuals


Somehow I doubt she ever said she hates him. This woman has held her head up and acted with total class through this whole ordeal. She has always been private and though I'm sure she could have made millions going on every TV show out there and bashing Tiger she has not. I'm sure she is still hurting and healing and I think we should leave her alone.


I would never ever forgive that trashy b@st@rd. He humiliated her and the whole family. She's handled this whole thing with a lot of class. I don't think she needs to forgive him because he's lower than dirt. He hardly registers as human. Just because he has seed to throw around, and fooled her into marriage and kids, doesn't make him a man and doesn't mean he deserves forgiveness. I bet she doesn't let her kids know how it really is, but she should one day, for THEIR sake.Tiger is just a fine example of scum they should avoid. He shouldn't get time with them.


How can you possibly hate the Father of your children? I know he did her wrong, and I don't blame her for being a little bitter, but he's stil her children's Father


I really pray she will eventually be able to forgive him, for her own sake.


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