Do Any Teen Mom Stars NOT Suck at Parenting?

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The stars of MTV's Teen Mom are basically a case study in why people should think before becoming parents. It's not all it's cracked up to be, is it?

At the very least, there are pitfalls as well as joys. Most of the ladies know this all too well, with family feuds and even arrest records to prove it.

But through it all, they do their best. Well, mostly. Jenelle is a mess.

So, THG ponders, which Teen Mom star is actually the BEST mom, fighting through adversity and shining bright? Let's break down the candidates:

Teen Montage

Amber Portwood: Leah's mom must stand trial for felony neglect of a dependent and domestic battery. She was also in a recent nude photo scandal.

Catelynn Lowell: She gave up her baby for adoption, but she and her boyfriend / stepbrother still have a relationship with the child and its parents.

Chelsea Houska: Chelsea's devoted dad provides for his Aubree's every need. Chelsea herself? Mmmyeah not so much. Three letters, girl. GED.

Farrah Abraham: Despite adversity - losing Sophia's father in a car crash, feuds with his family and her own mom - Farrah goes hard. Respect.

Jenelle Evans: A courthouse mainstay even before she
beat the crap out of Britany Truett, there's no way Jenelle deserves a single vote below.

Kailyn Lowry: Working two jobs while going to college, while sharing custody of son with her ex, Jo, Kailyn is bustin' her butt for lil' baby Isaac.

Leah Messer: While she and Corey Simms are divorcing, Leah seems devoted to twins Aliannah, who has a developmental disorder, and Aleeah.

Maci Bookout: Always assured and independent, Maci has had her share of relationship woes, but always raises Bentley with a lot of maturity.

You tell us: Which Teen Mom star is the best parent?


Maci, Amazing parent the best of them!


... Dont hate on a situation you cant understand. ... getting sick of reading your bitchy posts HWG.


I would have to say Maci as being the best mom...I don't like Farrah or Amber...and I praise Catelynn for what she done...and I didn't really watch Teen Mom 2 cause I didn't think them girls was as good to watch as the girls on the first Teen Mom!


Chelsea has a job. Get Ur facts straight before u bash on people.


Im a teen mom myself who's still with her baby daddy whom now 15 years later have 3 kids.I watch these shows all the time & can't believe some of the stuff these girls do & go through.Being a teen mom is 1 hell of a job, but the day I become pregnant I stopped being a selfish teen & made it all about my daughter. From what I've seen, Maci & Kaylin would be the best hands on moms & Catelynn would be the best mom from afar.She knew she wanted better, but still she's watching from the sidelines.Jenelle, Amber & Farrah are the worst...they're as selfish as they come.Leah I just feel sorry for that while family, so much going on there,its sad.Chelsea is just as dumb as they come. She's getting everything handed to her with no sacrifices...she's basically still playing house like when she was a child & daddys fronting for everything.She's an idiot!


What Caitlyn did was the best act of kindness & love a teenager could give a baby. Her family is dysfunctional & she wanted better for her child. So unselfish. Maci is 2nd for me, she seems to put her son 1st & is calm. Farrah is horrible, she left her baby in a sink alone with water, also left her in the hallway in a car seat while she went inside etc. I was a teen mom & I stopped being a teen the day I found out I was pregnant, 20 years later I am still with the father & added 2 more. We never behaved like these mom's.


You know just because Caitlyn does not have custody of her child does not me she should not be in the running and let me tell you why. She did the most responsible thing at the age of 16 she gave her child up to a couple that cannot concieve a child, her homelife is horrible with a weird family dianamic she could not raise her child in a house where there is drinking and a step father that is in and out of rehab for drugs, her mother treats her lke crap, Caitlyn does deserve the credit for being the best mother award for something that alot more 16 or younger children should do! Maci is a close second


I vote Catelynn. She made the ultimate sacrifice in giving up her daughter, knowing she could not provide for her the way that a mom should. As far as those who kept their childe - Maci. She has, time and time again, put Bentley's needs above her own - as a mom should do.


Well Catelynn Lowell isnt even a mom because of the adoption, so I'm not even sure why she's even in the mix. Janelle and Amber are crazy and unstable. Farrah depends on her parents so she can sleep in. I'm going to go with Maci


Amber Portwood and Janelle Evans are definitely the WORST. It's hard to say who's the best. Maybe Catelynn, Kailynn, and Maci?

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