Did Sheena Upton Inject Daughter with Botox?

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This story is as confusing as it is sordid.

Earlier this week, a woman named Kerry Campbell went on Good Morning America and said she gave her eight-year old daughter, Britney, Botox injections in order to help her compete at beauty pageants.

Child Protective Services in San Francisco then launched an investigation and removed Britney from her mother's care.

Sheena Upton on ABC

BUT Campbell has now given a sworn statement to TMZ in which she says her name is Sheena Upton - and she made up the entire tale for a $200 reward from Great Britian's The Sun.

"I was provided with the story, instructions and a script to follow for a recorded interview," said Upton, who appeared on both GMA and Inside Edition (for payment) after The Sun broke the alleged news. "The truth is I have never given my daughter Botox, nor allowed her to get any type of waxing, nor is she a beauty pageant contestant."

HOWEVER, the British newspaper has released its own statement and stands by its original story.

The publication states it received word about Upton/Campbell from a "reputable UK news agency" and a reporter actually "watched Ms. Campbell administering what appeared to be Botox to her daughter and provided compelling photographs."

It "strongly denies any suggestion it solicited or knowingly published a false story regarding Kerry Campbell and her daughter" and may pursue legal action against her.

In the end, Sheen Upton is either a liar or a horrific mother. Possibly both. Do you believe that she did NOT inject her child with Botox?


This is disturbing and she does not deserve to have her child returned. How can you do something like this to your child for a lousy beauty pageant prize? It's called beauty for a reason. Its referred to natural beauty not botox, face lifts and other procedures to get the final product judges are looking for!


this women used to beat me Michael James Williams with a controller.


wow such a great parent. Her daughter is going to grow up thinking like Alexis from real housewives of OC.


The fact that this woman would make that story up and risk her child's life for $200 is just as bad as the original story. Either way, she deserves to have her daughter taken away from her. She should be committed because she is obviously crazy.

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