Delta Goodrem Loves Miley Cyrus, Possibly Nick Jonas

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Delta Goodrem is most likely dating Nick Jonas. They've been spotted at a movie together and look awfully chummy in this Twit pic.

But the Australian beauty also has love for one of Nick's exes, as a source tells E! News Goodrem "loves" Miley Cyrus.

"She's a big fan of her music," an industry insider says. "But Miley doesn't even know who Delta is. She's too busy getting ready for her Australian swing of her Gypsy Heart tour in June."

Delta Goodrem Photo

Nice catch, Nick Jonas.

What has drawn Jonas and Goodrem together overall? Medical issues, unexpectedly enough.

Nick is 18 and diabetic; Goodrem overcame lymphoma at the same age (she's now 26). The two are also collaborating professionally, but with such an interesting, personal bond added to the mix, this could be the relationship that sticks.


go girl @Melinda


Delta is tooooooooooooooo old for Nick....Poor Miley ...It's Better if Nick come back with Miley . They look good...


She's 26 and nick is 19!!!O.m.g.....nick is so cute but she is.....


Okay, hm. You Anti-Niley people should open your eyes! Delta is much older then him. Yes age doesn't matter but when it comes to being older then him by 8 years is just like wow. Delta is the one who should be called a skank because she broke up with an irish singer and rushed up to Nick for fame. Miley is the right girl for him, he knows that too. They started dating when they were young and still in love by now, that's what you call true love. But, unfortunately Nick is afraid of giving Miley a chance which ruins this whole thing and yet still in love with Miley. I guess the only reason Nick is dating Delta is because Miley is dating Liam. :-) Now that's a true fact. That's what I think. If you guys have other thoughts, suit yourself.


Ew she is gross looking O.O


Melinda: Wow, you must be really jealous and insecure. You called Miley the trainwreck, but YOU'RE the one calling people that you don't know 'skanks' without any proof.


Noway she is Prettier than The prettiest girl ever OK and if he is daiting her to forget Miley believe me he is going to wake every day by anightmare and he will be crying because he broke up with Miley


WHAT!! she is 26 and he is 18 and Maybe he is daiting her because he couldn't forget Miley but believe me if he is daiting this girl he is going to be crying every day because he broke up with Miley :p


well im not trying to say whos pretty or whos ugly...but im trying to say is that chick has a grandma face and that ugly grandma dresses


Totally plastic gone Delta has no heart or class...

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