Danielle Staub: Sued by Strip Club

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Danielle Staub has admitted that she needs psychiatric help.

But she may soon need monetary assistance, as well.

Danielle Staub Stripper Pic

The former Real Housewife of New Jersey was paid $25,000 to strip for one night at Scores, an establishment in New York. That venue is now suing the reality star for breach of contract, claiming she reneged on a three-year deal and owes it $375,000.

Telling TMZ this is a "crystal clear breach of contract," a rep from Scores say Staub has not said a word to the club after telling the world she's no longer working for it.

We'll have more on this story as news breaks - and, hopefully, as Staub's clothes remain in.


I'd pay her 25k to keep her clothes ON...:)


Humanitarian relief should be paid by the Red Cross to Scores so they don't try to enforce their contract. The ghastly damage that would result in her stripping would surpass the may 21st prediction to the end of all mankind... KEEP YOUR CLOTHES ON DANIELLE - STOP FORNICATING ON CAMERA - STOP MASTURBATING ON CAMERA - FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT'S HOLY - PLEASE PLEASE STOP!!! hee hee hee
But, seriously, i hope this bitch goes away, i get serious rage because of her...


Seriously. Someone would pay her money to strip? That is disgusting. Who would want to see that woman naked? DOUBLE disgusting. I just want to vomit. TEAM Teresa Jaqueline and Caroline!


eeewwww please pay her to keep her clothes on! 25000 for a night mo god really?


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