Dancing With the Stars Results: Who Made the Final Four?

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It you looked at the scores going into the Dancing With the Stars results show, Ralph Macchio should be the one going home. Easy call there.

Only Tuesday is never all about Monday's DWTS scores.

The judges' influence does factor in along with the votes, but it's America that makes the call, and Ralph's effort was hampered by a bad knee.

Ralph on Dancing With the Stars

Ralph and Karina were on thin ice this week ...

The Karate Kid entered Tuesday with a good chance of going home, and conventional wisdom said that Romeo would be the odd man out if not Ralph.

It turns out one of those two is in fact leaving the show, with Hines Ward, Chelsea Kane and Kirstie Alley safely in this season's final four.

So who's in and who's out? Find out after the jump ...

It was goodbye to Romeo last night. Was he surprised?

"I'm surprised because I did my best dances, but at the same time I'm not surprised," he said. "This show has changed my life forever. I didn't dance at my own prom. I've turned down a lot of movies because I was afraid to dance."

No Longer Lil Romeo

He expressed his love and gratitude to his pro partner Chelsie Hightower, telling her, "I wanted to do this for you. We can dance after this."

"I'm just super happy," Hightower responded, "and so proud of you."

He gave it a good run, for sure, and even bounced back well Monday after a lackluster week the week before. But Ralph got the support.

Voters forgave his performances given his injury and maybe even gave him some extra props for going out there on the floor at all.

So it goes. Was it the right call by America this week? Comment below.

Among the top four, who will win Season 12 of DWTS?


For the first time ever since DWTS inception, I take exception to the voting results. The judges should have a 75% vote. The other votes are NOT about dancing, but popularity! Chelsea might be good but her mouth along with Mark's should disqualify them. Hines Ward and Kim have been the steady ones. They don't go out campaigning like Chelsea. Is that what the show has come to?


chelsea should clearly win!!!!!!!
cant wait for idol tonite, james should easily win!!!oh thats right, he got voted off because haley did such a great job ??thanks to tyler , thats the only reason shes still on the show!what kind of job did haley give tyler? a great job, a snow job, or a b___ job?? not to hard to figure out!!!!great finale!!!LOL,LOL,LOL


why do the judges need to praise kristy when all max is doing is dragging her across the floor?? you can tell right away her dance routine is easier than the others and they do not get as much praise?? i think its time for a change of judges on this show, carrie ann, seems to always praise who she likes or dislikes but not according to the routines, bruno is always taking way to long and lets be honest, he's making all the men dancers feel uncomfortable, and len ,well he simply needs some midol!!!the show has changed and kristy should have been gone weeks ago,kristy is simply lackluster and if it wasnt for her popularity, she be gone!!!!


Why is everyone so critical? Obviously there's a lot of insecurity out there if this reality show DWTS causes so much grief. "Fat pig", clumsy....do you know how difficult it is just to remember the routines let alone to move your body and dance them in front of thousands of viewers. Do it yourself before you criticize and try competitive dancing when you're 60.
Chill and relax, look for the positive


chelsea is safe she dances awesome chelsea for the win!!!!!!!!!!!


To sassy1 wtf does this have to do with dancing with the stars and who the hell are to judge Lyndsey Lohan? What do guns and bullying have to do with Lyndsey Lohan? Do you think before you type? Next time you want to judge someone, look in the mirror. I'm sure there's a few skeletons in your closet too! Back to dancing with the stars (the whole point of this site!) I really hope Ralph wins, he has come so far! I was really sad Romeo was voted off I thought he was going to be the one to win!


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I felt bad for Romeo and Chelsea, they were far superior to Karina and Ralph, and also to Kirstie and Max, I think the finale should have been Mark Ballas and Chelsea..and Romeo and Chelsea Hightower..


Kirstie has lost weight..and looks great. But i'm tired of seeing her falling down. Chelsea should get the mirrored ball!!


Dancing with the Stars Quotes

We should have started dancing with one arm waaay before.

Cristian de la Fuente [following his injury, trip to the hospital and subsequent stellar performance]

I am not the best dancer, and I have not been the best dancer from the beginning. I am happy we made it this far.

Cristian de la Fuente