Coming to MTV: Married Young

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MTV is developing a new reality show, one that follows in the grand tradition of 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom.

The network has ordered a pilot for Married Young, a series that will follow the lives of newly wedded couples, documenting their first year as husbands and wives.

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Entertainment Weekly reports that Married Young is a working title and will be a more light-hearted look at life than either of the aforementioned baby-based programs. Still, MTV? Taking on marriage?

Think this is a good idea?


Me & my husband got married at 18, had our first child at 19, 2nd one at 21 & 3rd at 26. We never left each other, beat each other or left our children to be watched by others. He worked 2 jobs at times & I did whatever it took to provide for my kids. No welfare, no babysitters only Grandma 2 evenings a week so I could go to classes. We are still together & our oldest is 19. These shows only show the bad side of it & I guess there is more bad than good. It is just the teens now want everything handed to them. We both were raised to be responsible & to do it on our own. I blame the parents for alot of the reason these teens act like brats. Once you become pregnant, your life is about the child.


Shows on MTV are trash. The network has lost all its shine after they stopped showing music and went down the reality tv show route. It's a surprise they haven't bankrupted yet.


staring the cast of 16 & pregnant/teen mom!


They had a show like this before. It was was called "engaged and underage"


Theres absolutely no ring to that name. Good thing its only the working title. How about... Adolescent Spouses or... Nubile Bridehood or... Halfassed Matrimony. now those are catchy


At least it's better than illegitimate children. Maybe it'll encourage all the teen moms marry and grow up so they can stay famous, and then their babies will have picturebook lives!

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