Chris Matthews on Sarah Palin: What a Moron!

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With his recent comment that Sarah Palin is profoundly stupid - his words - Chris Matthews is not showing any indications of dialing back his fiery rhetoric.

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    Tell me. Why are conservitist morons? Why? 95% of all Obama fans and people who hate Sarah Palin say this. "Oh she is just dumb." Why? "She just is." Let me tell you something Fred. You and your friends are irrational people who have to have everyone tell you what to say. You cannot formulate an oringinal thought. Good day to you sir


    On RT's stats of viewer numbers for the fox clones vs. matthews.......many of those are repeat viewers and worst of all it shows what lard butted morons populate our nation. Everyone knows RT's sitting there in his wife beater T spraying fried chicken crumbs all over his keyboard...yuck! Understand RT there's more to life than watching television. Matthews' views better reflect those of thinking Americans. We are the ones making America work. Without the hard working thinking left folk this nation would be fully a fascist state....corporations ruling the people. That's exactly what RT and fox want.


    Ok I admit I hate conservatives you are a bunch of morons, Sylvia, Rt,Ken you are the Idiots of the world go listen to Hannity, and Beck maybe the drug addict also. If you are a conservative it proves you have no brains.


    Ok I admit I hate conservatives you are a bunch of morons, Sylvia, Rt,Ken you are the Idiots of the world go listen to Hannity, and Beck maybe the drug addict also. If you are a conservative it proves you have no brains.


    Talk about being intellectually dishonest and disingenuous. It is extremely annoying reading some of the derogatory comments on this page directed towards Palin, Bachman, and others. Your insults are transparent in that they reveal and obvious hatred of conservatives. Have the courage to admit that is where you’re coming from. And stop trying to insult the intelligence of all fair minded Americans with this absurd name calling you engage in. Someone who is elected as a governor of a state is neither stupid nor a retard. Yes, the left wing media would have us believe that because it serves their purpose as political operatives. But truth be told, if any of you hurling these insults at Palin and Bachman were actually pitted against these women in a debate – more than likely you would be the ones that would appear to be stupid or retarded.


    The world's only just began again accepting the US as a country with any intelligence in its public after the Bush years, which frankly made us a laughing stock, and now we want to show the world how we can vote for yet another Conservative without even the most rudimentary grasp of current events, incapable of anything beyond hick town bar rhetoric and already an embarrassment to the entire country on the world stage? I don't think so.

    For God's sake, can't the Republicans come up with someone with the most basic intellectual capacity? If they win their present dirty campaign, we have to know we're not all going to be in the hands of someone whose IQ test came back negative.

    And that voice! Can you imagine that voice on the world stage? Like fingernails down a blackboard, or being sandblasted and dipped in vinegar.


    Chris Matthew's hardball has less than 700,000 viewers (Jan 2011)

    Fox OREILLY 2.8M, Hanity 1.8M, Glenbeck 1.6M viewers.

    Who is the MORON who recoomended Obama?


    What is pundint, anyway? Do you mean pundit?


    I totally agree with Chis Matthews.Palin is a dangerous moron and must be stopped. Shame on the American people for letting her get this far. She is a greedy, money-grubbing bitch.I can't even stand to look at her!!!!!!!!


    It does not matter how you feel about Sarah Palin, there is a definite need for more courtesy and good manners in this country. Chris Matthews went well over the top with this rant. He should be ashamed.

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