Child of Mildred "Patty" Baena Unaware Arnold Was His Dad Until Last Week

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Jane Seymour says Arnold Schwarzenegger has not just one, but two more kids out of wedlock. Whether or not that's true, the first came as a shock.

So closely guarded was the secret of Arnold's love child with Mildred "Patty" Baena that no one knew until last week - not even the teenager himself.

Even though Arnold showered him with gifts and put a down payment on his family's home, Baena's son (now 13 or 14) was as clueless as anyone.

Mildred Patty Baena Picture

The boy's Bakersfield neighbors said he would refer to Baena's current BF, Alex Aguiar, as his dad. "He had no idea" about the truth, the source said.

Schwarzenegger's four children with Maria Shriver are rallying around her, all of them reeling from the revelation he came clean about last week.

The family's lack of knowledge was especially shocking since both Mildred Patricia Baena and her mother, Evelyn Peña, worked for the family.

When her affair with Arnold came to light, the baby mama's family became upset with Patty and feels sympathy not for her, but for Shriver.

"Maria would always make sure to help us, even with little things, gifts, Christmas stuff, things like that, and now we end up making her go through this crap because of Patty. It's not cool," the family source said.

"The family is not happy with Patty right now because she never told us or warned us and now we have to deal with all this attention."

Most relatives presume the boy now knows the truth, but they are not still sure what Baena has told the boy about his parentage.

While Baena failed to tell the boy and her family the truth, she did Arnold Schwarzenegger he was the dad while the boy was a toddler.

Amazingly, the boy was born in October 1997, a mere five days after Arnold's youngest son with Shriver, Christopher, was born.

The maid and the muscleman reportedly had a tawdry affair, which included regular sex and randy romps in Arnold's marital bed.

After learning he was the boy's true father, Arnold showered him with gifts, and sources say he was always generous to Baena.

The affair finally came to light sometime after Arnold stepped down as California governor, when Shriver confronted the maid.

It's unclear what prompted Shriver to ask, but Baena broke down and admitted it. Shriver then confronted Arnold, who confessed as well.




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Arnold probably should have come clean about this 14 years ago when the Baena child was conceived. However, none of us know all the details. Frankly, I am more concerned about parents who SMOKE in a car with the windows shut and the children having to breathe the toxins in than I am about who Arnold knocked up or didn't. The smoking around children is a crime...NOT sex with the nanny. Perspective people, perspective.


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what really bothers me about all of this is that the hate ditched out toward Baena. It takes two to tango and about her being ugly well, when you are under the sheets and someone is giving you a good time who cares what you look like.


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