Cheryl Cole Out, Nicole Scherzinger in as The X-Factor Judge

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Long before it airs a single episode, there's already been a shake-up on The X-Factor.

Cheryl Cole, the most popular panelist on the British version of Simon Cowell's singing competition, has been replaced as judge by Nicole Scherzinger, who had been slated to host the show with Steve Jones.

Sources say there was a "lack of chemistry" between Cole and Abdul and that producers actually believed the former's English accent would be too heavy for viewers to understand. No word yet on whether or not Jones will now host the show alone.

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Loosen up your buttons, viewers, Nicole Scherzinger will be a judge on The X-Factor.

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The first episode Jones esemed off. The most recent episode tells the same story. However the more telling factor here is that Simon Cowell is off his game. First he takes a chance signing Cheryl Cole, a UK superstar who's won the UK version twice, and then he boots her only to have the audience respond favorable to her when then show airs while her lackluster replacement has floundered each week. Add to that a hosting problem and this show is not working.Someone needs to sit down and make some hard decisions here. Get rid of Steve, hired Corbin, get rid of Nicole, hire back Cheryl and finally get rid of Paula. She brings nothing new to the show and only continues the this is an American Idol rip-off deterence viewers have. Hire Mariah.The format and elimination are superior to Idol so visually represent that with the panel. Mariah>LA>Cheryl>Simon. Done.


cheryl is not the best british judge its actually dannni


Look at the bright side, now she can take Derek Hough back since it looks like she isn't going to be a big huge star after all! If Derek still wants her, that is.


I'm not a fan of Cheryl's, but I think Simon's being a bit cruel. He picked her (an old man wanting to help a young, beautiful girl no doubt, since she's nowhere near as qualified professionally as Paula or L.A.) but since he chose her he should have stuck with her. He could have paid for some speech lessons for instance. She seemed already insecure about being over in America and now she must feel crushed. I hope she'll be OK.


When Cheryl first became a part of Girls Aloud, she should have signed up for speech lessons. I have heard her accent and I have noticed how sharp it is on the ears and unintelligible unless I turn on the volume. It's sad too because she is a beautiful woman but she won't win anyone over if they can't understand her.


This is wonderful !!!!! Cheryl should not have gone to the U.S. should have stayed in the UK.
Nicole will have their opportunity and well deserved, I really hope this is true and that Nicole accepted!!


I love her


F.Y.I Cheryl is not 'the most popular panelist on the British version of Simon Cowell's singing competition' A vote was carried out and Danni Minogue was voted the best judge :)

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