Cheryl Cole and Derek Hough: It's Over!

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A pair of hotties, one from each gender, are now back on the market.

Sources confirm that Cheryl Cole and Derek Hough, who started dating in early 2010 after the former split with her husband, have called it quits.

Cheryl Cole and Derek Hough on Stage

"Cheryl told Derek it was over," an insider says. "Breaking up with him was particularly cruel because he stood by her through her divorce last year and her nasty bout of malaria. He can't help feeling that she used him to get publicity in Hollywood. But Cheryl is incredibly ambitious – and gorgeous. I would not be surprised if she winds up with an A-lister, and soon."

And we know who that might be: Justin Bieber, this is your chance!


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I don't get how she can't choose who she wants to be with. What is Cheryl falls in love with a bus driver next, is that a problem? Come on this is insane!
Derik is very talented. He seems a nice guy and caring. You don't get many guys like him.


Derik is lovely! I'll have him!


The way I heard it, she broke up because her new bosses told her to. What a cheap fame-hungry cow! But then it must be she never really loved him anyway, cause you don't break up with someone you love because someone else tells you to. She probably just really wants to be famous before anything else. SO unattractive.


ohhhh come on !! they never dated !!!! ridiculous ......


Cheryl Cole is only interested in becoming a superstar but for what exactly? being good looking? She is a good mimer though. Derek is bettr off.


Derek her lost move on there are alot of girl's that would love to date you-- Justin Bieber doesn't even come close to you as far as talent--we miss you on DWTS come back--all the best to you


They broke up? Must mean Will.I.Am finally made his move then.


Did anyone even know she was his beard?


if she was just seeking publicity, don't you think she would have used a bigger star? like come on, who is he again??

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