Chelsy Davy, Prince Harry Will "Never" Get Married, Friends Claim

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Chelsy Davy may have been back on Prince Harry's arm for the Royal Wedding April 29, but there are no nuptials on the horizon for the two.

The Zimbabwean-born Davy returned to the UK for the wedding and is said to be giving her on-off relationship with Harry another chance.

But friends say she's seen what Kate Middleton is subjected to and wants none of it: "No way we are getting married. It’s not a life for me."

Perhaps there's hope for Pippa Middleton and Prince Harry yet!

Harry of Wales
A Chelsy Davy Picture

Prince Harry invited Chelsy to the wedding as his date and he has told friends he wants to make their five-year relationship work. But does she?

Chelsy Davy starts work as a trainee solicitor at a London law firm in September, and sources say that's where her focus is now - her career:

"Harry really wants things to work. He has brought up marriage in the past – usually when he’s drunk – but Chelsy quickly plays it down."

"She thought the wedding was wonderful but she's watched what Kate went through and how much she sacrifices, and says it’s not for her."

That being said, she and Harry were the rock star MVPs of the wedding weekend, and had a blast at the reception and after party together.

"They were all over each other and Harry went back to Chelsy’s flat before sneaking out and going home. They were very much an item, but who knows what will happen now," says a source. "They have a very turbulent relationship."

There's also the matter of the Prince's military obligations.

While Chelsy prepares to start work, Harry has another eight months at RAF Wattisham, where he is training to be an Apache helicopter pilot.

"Harry’s got to get his head down so he completes his training but he is much happier with Chelsy moving back to London," the source said.

"She wants to make it work – she has missed Haz – but the truth is she really doesn’t like the attention that comes with dating a prince."



Prince Harry shouldn't marry her!I love him to death.He's my type plus he has a banging body!This is my dream:To get married at Westminster Abbey to a royal,well of coarse move to London,meet him himself..That's it but I really wAnt to!If I could meet Prince Harry I would cry my heart out,If he reads this I have to say this:You're sexy,And I love You.If I meet you expect me to cry!I love you and always will!Bye now I love u,I love u,I love U,I love u,I love u!=)


I think they really love each other and good for each other and I like too see them at the another royal wedding!!!!


I can't stand these bad slutty girls tbh. Kate seems evil and fake. Like she didn't look like she really loved Prince William when I saw them get married..she planned it all out like Wow said. I think these girls are so not the right girls for the two princes. Di would of been soo disapointed and if she was still alive, those girls would not be in the picture. at all imo


HAHAHA yea right! she wants that ring! She is such a SCAMER She is soooooo planning this one out. She has Harry right where she wants him! Eating from the palm of her hand. Playing her cards like kate did, is all shes doing. btw kate was soo desprate that she was willing to wait ten yrs for that ring. Not true love boys. There are so many women who would love you for who you don't need this barbie mess.


shes lying!!!! Why on earth is she with him if she wants non of it?? & what the eff does sh mean by how much kate had to sacrifice, its not like shes working. least this chick has a job.


She wants to marry prince Harry. Why is she still with him unless she's just leading him on? Downplaying marriage talks is a strategy. Prince Harry will be so amazed that she is not desperate to marry him so he's gonna wanna marry her. Haha. Chelsy just doesn't want to look like a desperate commoner who wants to marry into the royal family. It's bound to happen, they'll marry. Wait and see.


What the Hell!! Bitch! Fergie is Royalty...American Royalty. The slut looks like a Barbie after a gang rape. LEAVE FERGIE OUT OF THIS MESS. Thw wedding was a bore, Kate looks old and frigid...Andrew looks like a tall yard gnome. Boring...Kat aint no Princess Di. Everyone is afraid to tell it like it is....she is another babt factory for the Royals...that don't do shit but complain about being soooooo privilaged....poor little shit heads...send out the Seals!


LMAO! I do not believe this for one minute. Everyone wants the ring.. the commitment.. and the lifestyle. Please. Who is (or I mean.. her "friends) trying to kid? HE WON'T MARRY HER! She's not royal material. She looks like a new version of Ferguson.

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