Chelsy Davy, Prince Harry Will "Never" Get Married, Friends Claim

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Chelsy Davy may have been back on Prince Harry's arm for the Royal Wedding April 29, but there are no nuptials on the horizon for the two.

The Zimbabwean-born Davy returned to the UK for the wedding and is said to be giving her on-off relationship with Harry another chance.

But friends say she's seen what Kate Middleton is subjected to and wants none of it: "No way we are getting married. It’s not a life for me."

Perhaps there's hope for Pippa Middleton and Prince Harry yet!

Harry of Wales
A Chelsy Davy Picture

Prince Harry invited Chelsy to the wedding as his date and he has told friends he wants to make their five-year relationship work. But does she?

Chelsy Davy starts work as a trainee solicitor at a London law firm in September, and sources say that's where her focus is now - her career:

"Harry really wants things to work. He has brought up marriage in the past – usually when he’s drunk – but Chelsy quickly plays it down."

"She thought the wedding was wonderful but she's watched what Kate went through and how much she sacrifices, and says it’s not for her."

That being said, she and Harry were the rock star MVPs of the wedding weekend, and had a blast at the reception and after party together.

"They were all over each other and Harry went back to Chelsy’s flat before sneaking out and going home. They were very much an item, but who knows what will happen now," says a source. "They have a very turbulent relationship."

There's also the matter of the Prince's military obligations.

While Chelsy prepares to start work, Harry has another eight months at RAF Wattisham, where he is training to be an Apache helicopter pilot.

"Harry’s got to get his head down so he completes his training but he is much happier with Chelsy moving back to London," the source said.

"She wants to make it work – she has missed Haz – but the truth is she really doesn’t like the attention that comes with dating a prince."



Oh! i love the truth i would sure do anythink for that man i love to save him from other girls.when the time is right surely he do whats right hey!


chelsy baby, marry him. if it was meant to be u cant have the power to change it.


i dont know why so many girls r in love with this guy harry,but whatever the girl is ugly lol they match each other but i think he could do better.he ruined his chances with me.i dont want 2 sound like a crazy person so thats the end of that but looks like their empire will die with charles, and will.i feel bad 4 harry though he's wasted so much of his life with her.


Chelsea- don't let the news media know your business with Harry if possible. Accept Harry's proposal and work things out. Try and Share your fears with him but accept him if he proposes or go accapt the proposal if you refused before. Call him and say you want to see him- make things over now- before another girl wins his heart- it will be tough to get him again ok.
Hurry they will take him- if you don't keep close to him enough. Combine your law-career with Harry and have a future with him as wife. Act fast- you will regret.
Gooluck Chelsea- love you Leslie-USA
Leslie- USA


Here is the truth! Me and Harry have been secretly dating since 08 and madly in love. We are going to get married in augest 2012. We are going to have our wedding at St. Paul's Cathedral. My wedding ring is a big red gem and is round. I was not his date to the royal wedding because we didn't want all the attention from the media for it should be on wills and kate. You will here the news october 2011. He proposed april 2nd. MARK MY WORDS!!!!!!!!!!!


I love prince Harry!! and i don't understand why she doesn,t want to marry him!?!? anyway now that's sure that Chelsy is not the best for him.. and of course the same exist for Pipa!!! Harry is the best


Prince Harry is the HOTTEST ROYAL ever! Will is a fugly old man compared to Harry, and I think Studly Harry could do much MUCH better than this hagly Ms Chelsea.


I say THEY WILL MARRY, just wait and see. I have seen such a scenario played out over and over again. we will all be shocked at how well she cleans up when the time comes. Mark my words


He is seriously hot, but this Chelsy girl is all kinds of fugly! Tho i reckon, she is also, lucky as h*ll!


Harry doesn't need chelsy. She is so desperate to marry him. 1day, may be they get married coz of her plan. She is so gud @ this stuff.

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