Chelsea Handler Admits Having Abortion at 16, Slams Teen Mom and 16 & Pregnant

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Lots of people are not fans of the Teen Mom phenomenon. Add Chelsea Handler to that list, and for some surprisingly personal reasons, she revealed.

The E! star described her own personal ordeal with teen pregnancy and the choice that changed her life in an interview with the New York Times.

“We need to be focusing on other things. We’re seeking out such grossness in human behavior and want such mindless entertainment," she says.

"The Real Housewives of Atlanta and some of these other shows are just racist. Or 16 and Pregnant. Getting rewarded for being pregnant when you’re a teenager? Are you serious? I mean, that makes me want to kill somebody.”

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Chelsea Handler knows this situation personally, confessing that she was a pregnant teen who exercised her right to choose, which she's grateful she has.

“I had an abortion when I was 16. Because that’s what I should have done,” Chelsea blantantly states. “Otherwise I would now have a 20-year-old kid."

"Those are things that people shouldn’t be dishonest about.”

You have to hand it to the Handler. She does not mince words and is not shy about who she is, even if that means a lot of people won't like what she is.

Regardless of her view on the issue of choice, do you think Chelsea makes a point that teen pregnancy being too glamorized? Discuss in the comments ...


For all those who are posting that abortion is murder and only "god" decides who comes in to this world and that by having an abortion you have to answer to the "one above": You are basing your arguments on the belief that there is in fact, a god. Not everyone is religious or believes in god, so your arguments hold no merit. Also, not everyone believes that a little group of cells is a living human being. Do you know how many cells you kill when you scratch your arm? Much more than when a woman has an abortion in early term. Also, if you are going to argue that those cells would eventually turn in to a living human life, well then you could also argue that a sperm and egg could also potentially turn into human life, and that using condoms or birth control is also a form of murder because you are preventing life from forming. Think about it.


I agree with chelsea, teen pregnancy is so glorified on tv! Teens are getting pregnant on purpose just to be on mtv's teen mom or 16 and pregnant. Also, there's nothing wrong with abortion! And Chelsea does have the right, Jennifer. She's discussing her past as on of the reasons why she doesnt like the show. You dont have the right to talk about her that way.


I totally agree with Jennifer.


Isn't it funny that people who have written pro-choice opinion pieces on this comment stream have well formed, intelligent arguments (as well as correct grammar) and those who put forward 'pro-life' opinions are emotive, bigoted idiots (with atrocious grammar and spelling).
Good on Chelsea for being open about her past. If women are going to progress in society then we must congratulate the brave women who are willing to be vocal about their own experiences and opinions. Bravo Chelsea, I applaud you!


Why is there so much talk about sin? We are all sinful. These teen moms sinned when they had sex out of wedlock. "Sin" shouldn't be used to make Chelsea's point invalid. If so, it can also be used to invalidate the thoughts and choices of teenage mothers on those shows. I can see Chelsea Handler's point. There is no girl on Teen Mom or 16 & Pregnant who is suitable to be a parent. While I agree that these shows have the potential to be educational and show the hardships faced with teen pregnancy, most girls only look at the romanticized aspects of the show. To use the shows as a tool, it needs to be done with an adult who knows how to ask questions and initiate appropriate discussions. Otherwise girls will only see the cute babies and the boyfriends offering marriage proposals in these doomed relationships.


Chelsea handler how dare you critizize the Teen Mom and 16 and pregnant reality shows ! Those young mother's are doing a great job taking care of their children sure it was hard and they had to sacrifice everything for their babies to take care of them they are not perfect and neither are you , you have no right to critizize they were not the ones who commited a sin you decided to have an abortion you did not think about the consequences when you decideded to give your baby up by murdering your un born child so do not bash the teem mothers they are doing a good job screw you chelsea handler ! .


First, I don't like Chelsea Handler, never have. Second, she murdered an innocent child when she was 16 because she couldn't keep her legs closed. She has no right to criticize anyone or any T.V. show about young girls having relationships and possibly getting pregnant. She's a hypocrite. People applaud her for "being herself". Screw that. She gets paid to act a certain way, everybody in Hollywood does. Bottom line, the show is a reality show. How many of these so called 'reality-shows' are actually based on REALITY? None. Not a single one. They get paid to fight, to have sex on screen, to spend money, you name it and they get paid for it. Is Teen-Mom glamorized? Maybe. Should Chelsea keep her mouth shut? Absolutely.


Chelsea said abortion is what "she needed to do", stop flipping her words around. There are plenty of teens who have no business raising children and should make some sort of responsible decision that makes sense for them. Everyone say adoption, but some of these kids stay in the system until adulthood and experience all sorts of horrors. Teen moms is a terrible show, I hear too many girls who think they can do way better than the girls on the show, and think it's cool to be on TV. I was a teen mom but the father was awesome and we worked it out even though we didn't stay together. The show takes away the shame and makes it seem totally normal, which it is not. Kids ideally should be born in a stable environment with mature role models.


I have to say 16 & pregnant and Teen Mom shows young people how hard it really is to be a teen mom. I have never really cared for Chelsea Handler or her show.....for someone in the public eye to say the only real choice for teen moms is abortion is extremely sad I was 15 when I gave birth to my son there is a long story behind the conception that is no ones business but I chose adoption for my son and he is now getting ready to celebrate his 20th birthday in August and has grown up happy and healthy with his adoptive parents....some girls believe abortion is the answer for them it is not my place to say whether this is wrong or right if it is wrong they will have to answer to the one above but for me adoption was the answer but for Handler to say all should have an abortion is an abuse of her notoriety


No excuse for abortion,MURDER IS MURDER,God decides who enters tis world,choose 2give up 4adoption

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