Chaz Bono and Jennifer Elia to Marry

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Having fully transformed in a male, Chaz Bono now wants to turn his attention on something equally important: walking down the aisle with partner Jennifer Elia.

The offspring of Cher and the late Sonny Bono said this week on Piers Morgan Tonight that he and Elia want to get married "within a year."

"We've been engaged actually for two years," Chaz said, explaining they "kind of had to put things on hold a little bit" due to his gender reassignment procedure.

Chaz Bono and Jennifer Elia

The couple has been together for nearly six years and can legally wed because Chaz is now considered a man. They hope Mary Bono Mack, Sonny's widow, can preside over their nuptials.

Elia refers to herself as bisexual and says she finds Bono "more attractive as a man." She also tells The New York Daily News that the sex change has been for the best.

"When you have a partner who's happy in their skin and happy in general, not depressed and feeling completely in the wrong body, it changes everything," she said.

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chaz looks marry him in a heartbeat.thanx for sharing your story chaz.inspirational.


Well, she's a bisexual which is really sexual neutral, and he's a transgender. I pray they find happiness together cause I think it's been a long haul for them both.


To each his own,,,


INA and PAT....You two are of the EXACT SAME ILK (I know, just look it up!)
I'm sure if you dated, the headaches would stop!? :-)


Actually, last week on The View, Chaz said that he had not undergone the "full' transformation in regard to his genitals. The reason he gave was that he felt that presently the results of such surgery were not yet satisfactory and that he was going to wait in the hopes of the quality of the procedure improving over time. Just to clarify.


Chaz was a cute blond girl ,but she started ballooning and getting real fat and instead of loosing weight she decided to get a little bigger ,grow a penis and become a man.Dieting and a little Jenny Craig in her life would have saved her from all this trans gender modification.


damm chaz bono is a fat ugly "man"


I'm happy for Chaz, but I'm kind of shocked she's getting married. I saw "Becoming Chaz" and got the impression that those two didn't even like each other.


I am happy for them!!While some people can't understand why transgender people exist, imagine if you woke up in the wrong body when you liked the one you had? Chaz did not have that luxury, he spent many miserable years and now his life is totally complete. He is who he wants to be and wants to marry the one he loves, isn't that what we all want for ourselves? I watched his documentary on OWN and if I suggest if you have a problem with his sex change, watch it and you will have a new insight into the transgender world and that you might have an understanding.


Poor Cher... I feel for her. One the most beautiful women of the world,so hard-working. We can only imagine her workout schedule!
Is this her punishment? Why Chaz has to show the world how worthless he/she is? He's only famous because of his parents, and that's why he gets all media attention.
I don't care if anybody is gay or transgendered or anything else but no one should look like that. How about losing some weight?

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