Celebrity Judgment Day / May 21 Plans: Revealed!

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Is May 21 the end of the world? An increasing number of people have heard this rumor and with the clock ticking down to doomsday, the buzz is off the book!

It all started when Harold Camping, a Christian radio host with Family Radio, began espousing the idea that the end of the world will take place tomorrow.

How did Camping arrive at May 21, 2011 exactly? He determined it based on elaborate calculations dating back to the flood that only Noah's Ark rode out.

He made a similar prediction back in 1994, but no matter.

Anyway, THG asked some stars what their plans were for the rapture. We got a variety of responses, some more surprising than others. A few notable ones:

Saint Angelina

Angelina Jolie: Adopt as many poor, orphaned children as possible beforehand.

Kim Kardashian: Shilling for limited edition Armageddon version of Quiktrim.

Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga: Planning the greatest farewell concert EVER!!!!!

Charlie Sheen: Fall off the wagon. Hey, why bother at this point, right?

Kirk Cameron: Delivering a big fat "I told you so" to Stephen Hawking.

Lindsay Lohan: Looking for anyone to blame for this calamity but herself.

Miley Cyrus: Pretty sure she'll be alright, given her deep Christian roots.

Ben Affleck and Bruce Willis: Feeling like they've seen this before ...

Taylor Swift: Writing a catchy song about her relationship with Earth ending.

Ryan Seacrest: Hosting as many END OF DAYS: LIVE! events as he can.

Tom Cruise: Steadfast in belief that Xenu will bail him out somehow.

Britney Spears: [Is heavily medicated and blissfully unaware of any of this]

Octomom: Breathing a sigh of relief that her financial woes are over at least.

Katy Perry: Patting herself on the back for making "E.T" her final single.

Sarah Palin: Spewing folksy, charming, vapid nonsense no one understands.

President Barack Obama: [Is still crafting overly complex, nuanced response]

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Lameting how the heck he couldn't manage to keep this whole mistress / love child thing under wraps for just like five more days ...

Tiger Woods: Taking a few swings out on the range, icing his bad knee, then bustin' out the champagne, cocktail waitresses and mother f*%kin' condoms!

Donald Trump: Planning a press conference to claim credit for preventing the world from ending, should the calculation somehow be off by a few millennia.

NOTE: These are all made up. Can you think of any we should have put on the list? Leave comments below and if they make the grade, we'll add them!


in the bible god says that no one knows the exact date and time of the 2nd coming of christ. i believe itll happen, jus not tomorrow. ily god (:
you are my savior and my god and ill praise you forever and ever


I'm remember learning in catholic school that after Noah's Ark took place, God said he would never wipe out the civilization again..and even though I'm Christian, who says the Bible is right? How would the writers of the Bible know back then that judgment day say was tomorrow?


Poor Japan, they're gonna hate this!!!!!!!


Wow this is completely wrong...If any of you have ever read the BIBLE. You would know that God said he would NEVER destroy the entire earth by water. This time it will be by fire, so I dont know what all this talk about Noah's Ark is all about but its ridiculous! People need to get a life and stop creating BS stories just to make a quick buck!


Billy Ray Cyrus: Pray for Miley's soul.
Martha Stuart: Plan a party with some delicious coffee and a touch of nutmeg, "Its a good thing"


This is great...5/21 is my birthday...sort of always known it was an important day......God bless!!!!!


Well done Free Britney! I got a good chuckle out of your list (especially the Britney Spears reference). You have a good sense of humor which will take you far as a writer.


Apparently we are OK- at least in Australia- LOL


Every people have some bad habit and when it have a celebrity every body just do too much.And i don't think Charlie Sheen is a bad person.


It is people like Charlie Sheen that the world is coming to an end. He is symbolic of what is wrong with society as a whole.