Casey Anthony Trial Kicks Off with Stunning Defense Attorney Claim

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The case of Casey Anthony - a woman accused of killing her her two-year old daughter, Caylee - got underway today. And the defense attorney presented a shocking argument on behalf of his client.

Claiming that Casey lied about her child going missing in 2008, Jose Baez told the jury that Caylee "was never missing. She drowned in the family swimming pool."

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Almost three years go, the young girl's body was found just a half mile from her Orlando house. By that time, Casey, who hadn't reported Caylee's disappearance weeks, had already been arrested.

Why did Casey lie about her daughter's whereabouts, conjuring up a story about a nanny having been the last person to see Caylee alive?

Because Casey, Baez stated, had been sexually abused by her father, George. This allegedly led to her erratic behavior.

"You will hear stories about a family that is incredibly dysfunctional, you will hear about ugly things, secret things, things that people don't speak about," Baez said today in court, speaking the one truth we can all sadly agree on.

George Anthony, who the defense says helped dispose of his granddaughter's corpse, was later called to the stand and denied any history of sexual abuse.


If she drowned in the pool, why did someone tape her up like they did? Even her lawyers can't come up with a good story.




Did George Anthony kill his grandfather??? Or just got rid of the body...Omg!!! No one knew that...


The article says that George Anthony helped to dispose of his grandfather's is supposed to say granddaughter's corpse. It is bad enough that she killed the Anthony's granddaughter, now she adds insult to injury by accusing her father of molestation and helping her to hide her daughter's body? I don't buy it. If any of this were true she would have said something about it a long time ago. You are a shameful bitch Casey. You will rot in hell.


omg , did they get rid of the grandfather 2? (George Anthony, who the defense says helped dispose of his grandfather's corpse,)

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