Casey Anthony Trial Kicks Off with Stunning Defense Attorney Claim

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The case of Casey Anthony - a woman accused of killing her her two-year old daughter, Caylee - got underway today. And the defense attorney presented a shocking argument on behalf of his client.

Claiming that Casey lied about her child going missing in 2008, Jose Baez told the jury that Caylee "was never missing. She drowned in the family swimming pool."

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Almost three years go, the young girl's body was found just a half mile from her Orlando house. By that time, Casey, who hadn't reported Caylee's disappearance weeks, had already been arrested.

Why did Casey lie about her daughter's whereabouts, conjuring up a story about a nanny having been the last person to see Caylee alive?

Because Casey, Baez stated, had been sexually abused by her father, George. This allegedly led to her erratic behavior.

"You will hear stories about a family that is incredibly dysfunctional, you will hear about ugly things, secret things, things that people don't speak about," Baez said today in court, speaking the one truth we can all sadly agree on.

George Anthony, who the defense says helped dispose of his granddaughter's corpse, was later called to the stand and denied any history of sexual abuse.

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Slut, Narcissist, Murderess. A true sociopath. There's a lethal injection with her name on it. Evil bitch.


casey lawyers need to be disbarred! if she was abused she would have keep her daughter away from the abuser. trying to save her own neck. her lawyers told bald face lies. a child is dead and her mother did it. there is know doubt in my mind. she should get death for she is a murderer everyone please pray for justice for little caylee she should have lived. but her mother wanted to party!


@freespirit, Well said! Oh, and I sure do remember the Twinkie defense (The assassinations of San Francisco Mayor George Moscone and gay rights champion, Supervisor Harvey Milk, by a pathetic, insecure, right-winger, the then recently resigned Supervisor Dan White). What was astounding was that the Twinkie defense was accepted by a bigoted jury that "sympathized" with White's homophobia (there was no such thing as "hate crimes" back in 1978). Think about it. If the city's Mayor had been the only one assassinated on that fateful day, the jury would have thrown the book at him. But, hey, he also killed the "fxg." It makes me angry to this day. Thank God the times they are a changin'. Unfortunately, as you pointed out, that type of bullshit has emboldened even the most obviously guilty of defendants. Hopefully, this jury won't buy it!!


She was just a little girl and her mother killed her there is no way to say that she did not she lied to the police and did not try to help. she just wanted to be free from the little girl and party is how it all has come out so far i think she is a worthless person and needs to be sentenced to death that poor little baby did not ask for any of this and look at how she was disposed of how heartless can you. this story really brakes my heart and i get really heated about it. fry the baby killer


I think God himself is loving on this child in heaven for away from a mother like she had!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So she drowned now?? Well, now I know what to do in a drowning situation: duct tape over their mouths, stuff them in a trash bag, and dump them in a densely wooded area close to home!the defense attorney is a complete idiot! He should be disbarred for presenting such a scenario. Casey Should have already been put to death! There's no question that she killed her. The Anthony parents should endure a public beating! Her mother told the truth during the 911 call, then changed her story and became a total cunt about everything! Her father just has his head buried in the sand. Its amazing how denial can make someone into a hateful, and hated person, such as the Anthony family. There isn't a person on earth that would believe Casey's stories. If it comes out to a not guilty or hung jury, then the jurors should be put to death for just being stupid!


oh, now the baby she taped up her mouth & threw her in the trunk of her car, them dumped her in the woods. Then proceeded to party like crazy, take photos of herself partying & posted them, then dated. Then decided to blame the kidnapping on a babysitter etc. This story is so sickening. The biggest victim is of coarse the baby, but the babysitter who did not even know her had to have her name trashed, her mother who loved her grandbaby & her daughter at the same time and now her father molested her?!?!?! WTF?


I dnt kno how many watched both sides opeening statements. I live in fl and have been following this case since it began. I wnt into this thinking theres nothing her lawyer can say to help.... At the end i def had doubt! The lawyer raises many questions and this story doesnt newhere hit near all of the questions he raised. He still needs to prove his case but i see things a lil diff now. And there are alot of things the father did that didnt make sense. No matter what i still think she shud get manslaughter.


she totally killed her baby! & by saying that her father raped/touched her when she was little is prolly bullshit. & if the baby did drown she would have called the police.


Yeah, right. And, the Menendez brats were "defending" themselves and OJ was only trying to give Nicole a hickey. Wah, wah, wah......eveybody is an abuse victim. Guess what? The MAJORITY of abuse victims DON'T COMMIT MURDER!!! Let her fry.