Britney Spears Kisses Rihanna, Performs With Nicki Minaj at Billboard Music Awards

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The Billboard Music Awards returned last night after an absence of several years, and it's safe to say Britney Spears did her best to make out up for lost time.

The pop superstar sealed her remixed version of Rihanna's "S&M" by planting one on her counterpart, then teamed up with Femme Fatale tour partner Nicki Minaj.

Nicki did her thing on "Super Bass" which led into her Britney joining her on stage for a powerhouse rendition of her latest hit, "Till The World Ends."

Watch Spears' performances with both singers below ...


This was stupendous


That was a hot start to what was an explosive night in Vegas. I was not expecting Britney to make an appearance, but it was great to see her again after a long absence. She and Rihanna made for an outstanding performance, the first of many last night. Their little liplock was also a pleasant surprise. Let's hope this is not the last we see of them together. Rihanna and Britney Rock!!!


soooo... britney is tot. lip singing in the video with nicki. thats disappointing.


Ughhhh I see the ILLUMINATI all over them. They are controlled by a demonic force -____-


Britney is such a star. As amazing as Rihanna sings, as soons as Brit came on stage it was all eyes on her. Shame about the awful song(S&M? Sorry, not feeling it) Britney and Rihanna still looked fantastic togehter. It's good to see female stars supporting each other instead of bitching about each other, as there are so many people trying to bring them down.


ok first i dont see where they kissed maybe its when the camera turns at the end. but that was an awesome performance. they 2 totally should work together more often. Rihanna rocks!!! BRITNEY 4EVER!!

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