Bristol Palin Reality Show: Will You Actually Watch?

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Don't get us wrong, there are about 300 TV programs you could say this about. But is anyone seriously gonna watch Bristol Palin's new reality show?

Bristol will be returning to L.A., working at a small charity and living with pal Kyle Massey and his brother Chris. BIO will be doing the broadcasting.

Sounds nice and harmless and all. But who thought that up? More importantly, who's sitting there at home thinking "Oh, I HAVE to check that out!!"

Bristol Palin: New Face

Perhaps the heartland is being overlooked. States responsible for the most Internet searches for Palin include Alaska (obvi!), North Dakota, Idaho and Kansas.

There's also the Kate Gosselin factor. The Bio network has dubbed Bristol Palin "the most famous single mother in America" and a "national media darling."

A few years ago, Kate, her kids and messy personal life earned her a major audience. Perhaps the network is banking on Bristol carrying that mantle now.

"Bristol is the opposite of the perceived lower class demographic that watches 16 and Pregnant," Robert Galinsky of the New York Reailty TV School says.

"Unlike 16 and Pregnant, her audience is informing the mainstream and they understand how to cultivate and showcase a more wholesome lifestyle."

Whatever you say man. Although that point is somewhat valid. No way the peeps on MTV could afford anything resembling Bristol Palin's plastic surgery.

Tell us: Will you watch Bristol Palin's reality show?



BP is good at being on display and self promotion just like someone we know Named Sarah. Watching a show "featuring" Bristol Palin is Not on my Bucket List of things to do!!


okay, so she traded in her giant pumpkin face look for a look that makes her look 25 years older? nice.


What makes Bristol so much better than other teen moms? Sure, she is a single mom providing for her child, but, the fact is that she is getting all this money and fame because she got pregnant at 17. If she had not then there would be zero intrest in her. There would be no speaking gigs,DWTS or reality show. She did not do any hard work to get where she is, she became a teen mom. The only diffrence between her and the Teen Mom girls is Bristols mommy has money and the spin machine went into overdrive while mommy was running for VP and somehow managed to turn her being pregnant into a good thing. She is making money off her teen pregnancy, just like the girls on MTV and neither of them should be.


Err, no.


I don't like reality TV. Kardashians, Jersey Shore. Blech. The over the top drama is more than I can handle. But I think I will watch this show because the people in it seem like decent people. I like the Massey boys. The kids I babysit for love Kyle on Disney Channel. Besides, Bristol's kid is a cute little guy. I'd tune in just to watch him.


If people want to watch trash, they are going to watch trash. This is a show I will never see.

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