Bristol Palin Reality Show: Will You Actually Watch?

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Don't get us wrong, there are about 300 TV programs you could say this about. But is anyone seriously gonna watch Bristol Palin's new reality show?

Bristol will be returning to L.A., working at a small charity and living with pal Kyle Massey and his brother Chris. BIO will be doing the broadcasting.

Sounds nice and harmless and all. But who thought that up? More importantly, who's sitting there at home thinking "Oh, I HAVE to check that out!!"

Bristol Palin: New Face

Perhaps the heartland is being overlooked. States responsible for the most Internet searches for Palin include Alaska (obvi!), North Dakota, Idaho and Kansas.

There's also the Kate Gosselin factor. The Bio network has dubbed Bristol Palin "the most famous single mother in America" and a "national media darling."

A few years ago, Kate, her kids and messy personal life earned her a major audience. Perhaps the network is banking on Bristol carrying that mantle now.

"Bristol is the opposite of the perceived lower class demographic that watches 16 and Pregnant," Robert Galinsky of the New York Reailty TV School says.

"Unlike 16 and Pregnant, her audience is informing the mainstream and they understand how to cultivate and showcase a more wholesome lifestyle."

Whatever you say man. Although that point is somewhat valid. No way the peeps on MTV could afford anything resembling Bristol Palin's plastic surgery.

Tell us: Will you watch Bristol Palin's reality show?



I'd rather put hot coals in my eyes, thanks.
Wish some smart TV Exec could get his brain past "oh, let's do another reality show..."
C'mon all you smarties, use those brains for something, anything, other than more knocked up teens and their batcrap mothers.


Won't be watching this show but I'm sure there will be some who will just out of curiosity. Fame is fleeting. Bristol my be getting offers to do various things now but will those same offers be coming in 5 years from now? Many people who had lots of money and spent laviously later discovered that their money was spent and no more was coming in. It won't surprise me if that happens with Bristol as it has with so many others.


First, Bristol you look pregnant in that dress. Second, if you needed corrective jaw surgery why didn't you get it while mommy was on the dole (read that as receiving a salary while Governor of Alaska). I'm sure mommy would have had medical insurance to cover that corrective surgery. Or was mommy too busy and not paying enough attention to her children's medical needs?


probably not


Bristol, listen to Breezy and mosy on down to Jenny Craig.


Maybe I just don't understand what he said, or maybe he's right- because I haven't seen and don't plan to watch either show, but is he saying 16 and pregnant fans are low class? And screw them because he, his show, and Bristol are better than those viewers? Isn't that incredibly rude, and isn't it also revealing that he knows his show will fail and he's already consoling himself? Are these the kind of cold-hearted buffoons the Palins team with?


Nice legs, nice smile and nice tits.....I'll watch it!


I will watch BP ,she is very cute and sweet. I wish her luck !!!!


There is nothing wonderful about teen pregnancy and single or unwed mothers. Get a life and grow up.


Bristol Palin looks like an accident going someplace to happen.
She is a mess. She was better looking before surgery. Is she trying to copy the Khadashian girls? They are not the best looking women in the world either and are also Class A sluts

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