Bristol Palin Plastic Surgery Watch: Before & After Photos Show Different-Looking Face ...

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What the heck happened to Bristol Palin's face?

The 20-year-old daughter of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin debuted a shocking new look at the Candie's Foundation benefit gala in New York on Tuesday.

While her body shape appears pretty much the same, and no one has confirmed that she's had plastic surgery, her face looks way different. Check it out:

Bristol Palin Before Plastic Surgery
Bristol Palin After Plastic Surgery

Before & After: Bristol Palin pictures last year and this week. Wow.

The abstinence ambassador appears to have gone under the knife, don't you think? If so, is she setting a good example for young girls who look up to her?

Bristol Palin used to have a round face. We don't mean that as a criticism, it's just true. Now it looks not only slimmer, but differently-shaped. Just ... off.

Her jawline and cheekbones appear more defined, with the possibility that her chin has been worked on as well. We didn't even recognize the girl at first.

What do you think? Did Bristol Palin get plastic surgery?

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It honestly is the type of scrutiny that exists on this blog that drives people to feel the need to change themselves or conform to "societies" expectations. However, if anyone of you had done even slightly in depth research you would know that this girl participated in surgery for medical reasons. The sad fact of the matter is people will never believe her because their politics and prejudices blind them.


I'm a dude who doesn't read this website regularly, and I'm guessing most of y'all are chicks. The chin looks a little weird, but she definitely.....well, she went from "cute" to "hot". Either that's a bad picture or you're a bunch of girls who are like "Ewww plastic surgery she looks fake!" and can't accurately judge her sexiness. She deeeefinitely looks hotter.


I would have loved to smooch her 'BEFORE' face than her 'AFTER' face. No problem with a person doing something drastic to feel better about themselves, but dang, she was cute to begin with. And as previously stated, personally, I would love to give those longer cheeks little love kisses. I wish folks would just look into the eyes, that's where the sexy starts! (sure not the politics-hehe)


I think she looked better "before" she looked fresh faced girl next door- now she looks generic Hollywood oval chined.


It doesn't even look like her! I'm not saying it looks bad; she just looks like a completely different person.


She is uglier now!


Jenn... what does getting pregnant as a teen have ANYTHING! to do with being perfect... you seem like a f*king idiot to me. She is beautiful no matter what she does. It's her life, she should live it how she wants to.


First of all, @ jenn...u need to learn how to spell before u speak about someone else..and second, she looked pretty before and she looks pretty now..its her personal preference and why does anyone else care what she does?? She's a good girl, a good mother and its none of anybody's business wtf she does..I mean, do ya'll pay her bills?? Lol


I didn't recognize her at first. Better teeth, new jawline, higher forehead, different mouth. If you're in for improving your looks, do something about your hair...what a mess!!


She looks more like Snookie than a Kardashian. Her chin is too long/pointy. Plastic surgery is a personal choice and if this is what she wanted to do ~ more power to her BUT I think she looked great before. I believe she has lost her "fresh face" look with these changes.

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