Bristol Palin Denies Plastic Surgery, Says New Face is From "Corrective Jaw Surgery"

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On April 30 in Washington, D.C., at an afterparty for the White House Correspondents Association, Bristol Palin and her new face caused quite a stir.

Debuting not just a slimmed-down bod but a distinctly angled jaw and sharpened chin (see before and after pics), plastic surgery rumors swirled.

She's opened up to Us Weekly about it, telling the gossip magazine that "It's not plastic surgery," just the result of medically necessary procedures.

Bristol Palin Pre-Plastic Surgery
Bristol Palin Post-Plastic Surgery

Her nose looks thinner too. Just saying. Cue the ol' "deviated septum" excuse.

"I had corrective jaw surgery" in December, Bristol Palin claims with a straight face. Because normal 20-year-olds have jaw surgery all the time.

"It improved the way I look, but was necessary for medical reasons. so my jaw and teeth could properly realign. I don't obsess over my face."

Still, "I am absolutely thrilled with the results," she gushes. "I look older, more mature, and don't have as much of a chubby little baby face!"

Call it what you want, that sounds like a cosmetically-driven procedure to us. Hopefully this will be chronicled on Bristol Palin's new reality show.

What do you think? Did Bristol Palin get plastic surgery?


Hey I had jaw surgery so that my teeth met at the same place,my looks changed alot. I had to wear braces for 6 years.Did she wear braces????


who cares what she's done. At least most of her face is real. Look at the other celebs in her age group. Kim kardashian couldn't last in the sun for more than 2 hours without all that filler in her face melting off! Cut this girl some slack.


Okay I understand that it's HER business and she can do what she wants. We get that. But this is a gossip site with a comment section, there is nothing that says we the public can't voice our opinions as much as the ones who say she can do what she wants. I comment because I think it's very disappointing to see a 20 year old human being reshape her face. She not only has a new jaw, her eyes look different and she's tweezed out her eyebrows. She looks ridiculous but if that is what she's happy with then yes, let her be happy. Her jaw and teeth needed to align? Isn't that what braces are for? Plus the tip of her nose looks longer too. If she had a wart removed that is one thing but when someone comes out with a whole new face it's a lot to take in. Her face now looks like it's made out of putty, like someone took her old face and stretched out her cheeks. They are plumper as well.


aaaah corrective jaw surgery, should have know. ....she should just own up to it. "Yaa i had plastic surgery and what?" then it wouldnt be such a big deal, but she probably wants it to be a big deal. I dont know


freespirit - "Uh sorry Bristol but no way! I had jaw surgery a few years ago and it does not change the entire makeup of a persons face!" Uh sorry freespirit, but ~sometimes~ it does. She did have a slight overbite before, although not what I would call one medically necessary for corrective procedure. But she admitted she did it, so what the vote's all about escapes me.


Nothing against Bristol, but she wanted to look older, and now she does. She looks like a 40 year old woman.


Did she get contacts too????? Yea this girl is too much

Brenda bauder

Oh GOOD GRIEF! I wonder if people have anything else to do other than scrutinize the lives of others? If she had surgery, SO WHAT? That is her business and her business alone. She has lost a LOT of weight which will slim the face and had some type of surgery, geeze is that headlines? Bristol,it's your face hun, have at it, I think you look great.


@kellie: If she had cosmetic surgery I don't care. It is her business. But why lie about it? I would have a little bit of respect for her if she said that there were things she did not like about her face so she changed it. Why bother lying about it? Though I honestly don't think there was anything wrong with the way she looked before.


@freespirit If she had cosmetic surgery, so what. Is she lying? Who cares. It is her business and not yours to call her out on. Just because she is in the public eye does not mean she owes anyone anything, period. She is a beautiful girl who is making her way in the world while taking care of her child. That is all anyone needs to know about her. She isn't on welfare like a lot of young parents so I say kudos.

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