Bristol Palin and Kyle Massey Reportedly Dating; Sarah Palin "Furious" Over Relationship

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Sarah Palin may have be relocating to Arizona to set up a hub from which to run for president next year ... and/or to keep tabs on her daughter.

The politician is reportedly furious at the fact that Bristol Palin and Kyle Massey, who met on Dancing with the Stars last year, are in a relationship.

Bristol and Kyle are set to appear in a reality show on the BIO Channel, chronicling their efforts to set up a charity alongside Kyle's brother, Chris.

Bristol Palin Smiles

Reports say the couple's growing relationship sparked the idea for the show - and to say Sarah Palin isn't pleased would be an understatement.

She is convinced it will affect her family's reputation, as Bristol is on the rebound from her ex-boyfriend, Alaskan pipeline worker Gino Paoletti.

Before that, she had volatile relationship (and baby) with Levi Johnston.

A source said: "Sarah is furious at Bristol for going so quickly from man to man" and is doing her best to put the kibosh on the relationship.

That meddling has put a frown on Bristol Palin's new face.

An insider said: "Bristol told Sarah: 'Back off and let me lead my own life!' She doesn't agree with her mom's politics or her controlling ways."

This feud has apparently been escalating for awhile. Bristol reportedly banned her mother from her new home in Arizona after a huge fight.

The topic? Gay marriage. Bristol has become increasingly liberal since she moved to Los Angeles to appear on Dancing with the Stars last year.

"Bristol is completely rebelling against her mother," a source said. "She's experiencing life outside of Alaska and away from Sarah at last."

"She has realized how sheltered and programmed she was."

As for the seriousness of Bristol Palin and Kyle Massey's relationship, it's somewhat unclear, as they've been quite guarded about it publicly.

Kyle told a reporter he only keeps in touch with Bristol "every now and then" as the couple are trying to keep their burgeoning romance secret.



A sad state of affairs, another white girl that's chosen to be jungle trash. You think Levi was a mistake!! I thought she had more class than that.


The cover of her baby daddy's book is rlllly funny. Yall seen it ? yes. no. distracted wit yo "politics" these commenters should go door to door campaignin lolll


Honestly. When are people going to stop ragging on Bristol Palin? It's not her fault that she has a racist, homophobic, souless wench for a mother. Good for her for breaking away and living her own life. Any mother should be delighted if her daughter was dating a young man as sweet as Kyle.


Sarah Palin racist? Is anyone even surprised?? Sarah obviously didn't have a problem when Bristol was jumping from bed to bed with white guys in Alaska!! I have new found respect for Bristol doing what/who she wants to and forming her own opinions, not just following her clueless, racist, hypocritical mom!!


Was Momma Sarah furious when her 17 year old got pregnant ? Was she furious when Bristol took Levi Johnston back after posing for Playgirl and talking trash about the Palins for money at every opportunity? Was she furious when Bristol got engaged to and lived with some other dude? We don't know but it doesn't surprise me that she's furious about Bristol's relationship with Kyle. When I first read about Bristol getting the reality show, I (as well as others) knew a relationship would develop except I thought it wouldn't happen until the show started. I guess we can look forward to a little sister or brother for Tripp next year (by one of the Masseys). Momma Sarah is not going to like that. I bet she will say the Masseys corrupted her daugher.


oh well once you have black you never go back - sarah should try but here again there is one more in the house willow your room is ready


@ raul i agree. Its a black thing.


what happen to religious beliefs? bristol and family hate gay people but she is dating out her race WTF? most people in louisiana loved the idea sara running for president cuz obama got to go but as you keep reading and hearing things why take one hypocrite out of office to put another.


Bristol Palin HYPOCRITE what more you need to know!!!!!!!


I think it is awesome she cut that cord!!!! She needs her space to grow and learn!!!! I am 23 married and have 2 beautiful children. Left my house when I was 18 and never looked back. My mother and I learned to appreciate or relationship alot more. I think this is the best thing for her.

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