Breaking Dawn Pictures Galore: A Loving Look, A Waterfall Embrace & More

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New photos from Breaking Dawn show Edward and Bella in numerous intimate moments - under a waterfall, sharing a loving look, on their honeymoon - as well as other scenes from the upcoming Twilight saga installment.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 will be released in November.

You may commence swooning below, then follow the jump to see more of Edward and Bella (Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart), plus Jacob (Taylor Lautner), Alice (Ashley Greene), the Volturi and more:

  • A Loving Look
  • Under the Waterfall
  • Volturi Action
  • Vampire Action
  • Bella and Alice Cullen
  • Edward, Bella Photo
  • Taylor Lautner in Breaking Dawn
  • Breaking Dawn Honeymoon Scene!
  • Taylor Lautner Breaking Dawn Photo
  • Breaking Dawn Honeymoon Pic
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All you haters need to quit hatting. If you dont like it, dont look at it and dont watch the movies, and dont comment. No one wants to hear all you peoples negative thoughts about them... Love the whole cast of this series and have read the books so many times.. cant wait unil the movie!!! Love you guys


Love the pics,cant wait,kristen and robert are adorable together


i luv twilight movies.i cant wait to see this movie..............plssssss


Whooooooos da hott guy in town?!?!?! Uh-hu uh-hu
i saw pattz at da water4elephants prem lst nyt.... N he wz smoooookin HOTT!!! out there hahahaaaaa=)) the pics r aaaaamazin n i dnt think it does da main protagonists justice 4 who they r...... Bt I CANT WAIT 4 BD PREM!!!! Aaaaaaahhh If anyone knw hw i can get da uk prem tickets pls blog Luvs soooooo much ROBERT PATTINSON xoxo


cant wait 2 c IT..................


Awesome!!!! I can't wait until breaking dawn comes out!! I'm soooooooooooooo excited. Those pictures are pretty cool. I'm counting down the days 'till breaking dawn comes out. CAN'T WAIT!!!!


OMG! I can't wait for BD. I just love how Rob looks at KStew. Its easy to see he really loves her. I love him n he's sooo georgous.


hey, if hate Twilight, why bother to read this article? You're irrelevant!


ugh. Im so sick of them. He looks like he has special needs. & the girl's acting sucks she stutters. Its like getting out already! She acts the same in every movie ive seen her in


Edward looks so happy and looks more like a human than a pale vampire....HOT!

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