Bravo to Dump The Real Housewives of New York City?

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The Real Housewives of New York City as we know them may soon be no more.

According to network insiders, Bravo thinks the current cast is too poor - no, seriously, too poor - and wants to "replicate" the mega-wealthy cast of its Beverly Hills franchise.

All The Real Housewives of New York City

"They want an entirely new cast," a source tells The New York Post. "They want rich, rich women, like Adrienne Maloof and Camille Grammer, dripping in glamour and $10 million penthouses. And they don't want to fake it. They are discreetly reaching out to women who fit the bill."

The Real Housewives of New York City premiered its new season on April 7 and has been garnering decent ratings. But the first season finale of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was the highest rated finale of any in the franchise's history.

In response to this rumor, a Bravo rep simply said: "We are always casting for new housewives in every city."

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These "housewives" are well past their expiration date -- time for a new cast.


Bravo to BRAVO. Now they need to get rid of the rest of the so called "Real Housewives".
I don't see how these women qualify as "housewives" You know, the ones the actually cook, clean the house, do the laundry, chauffeur the children, etc., etc. That is just some of what the job title of "housewife" entails.
"Real Business Women" or even "Real Women" would better serve these programs (although I still say r"real" is a bit far fetched).


Sorry to say but this is realy boring to watch... that Ramona lady needs a new pair of earings.... those stars are annoying me! That sonja is too old to be putting that type of clothes, she is a follower and a social climer following people to stay inn... she trys to hard...


Bravo needs to either get rid of the New York show or totally change the cast. It is
annoying and tiresome to see so many self involved women vying for attention and showing
how spoiled they are. Ramona is truly not a nice person and doesn't care who she hurts.
She's getting crazier every episode. I will not watch the show again unless they change the
cast of narcissistic people, 2 of whom love to sell their products on the show.
The final straw for me was Ramona rudely telling the staff in Morocco that she needed someone
to help her unpack "right now".


I agree with getting rid of New York housewives. It is the same old fights, obnoxious behavior,
insults, heavy drinking, flaunting money that they don't all have, rudeness to all and trying
to sell their own "lines" (Ramona and Jill).
No one would miss these crazy women. I cannot watch another episode of Ramona, that's for sure.


Bravo, please bring Beverley Hills wives back, Lisa is SO funny and they have CLASS get rid of New York and Atlanta.


The New Jersey broads seem to have watched too many Mafia themed movies....LMAO and want people to think they are molls..hahaha...especially that Danielle one..ugh...she has had so much cosmetic surgery she looks as if she will fall apart if she farts. She really put on airs, huh? And that Caroline gosh she really does try to act like a Donette, huh? ladies all need to get a life and I hope Teresa does NOT lie to the feds gal.


If bravo was smart they would get rid of housewifes of dc Boringgggggggggggggggggggggggg. I love this housewifes the problem is BRAVOOOO.


Bravo needs a show about housewives in a 12-step group. How much can they focus on these women drinking? That is all the show centers picking at some food in a "trendy" restaurant and is obsene to many who have watched. Every once in a while now I channel surf by the show but after a few minutes of the New Jersey and the New York crowd I keep-on channel checking. Bravo you are losing it grasping at you have one on people who write songs?....enough...I say.....stick with what!