Brad Womack and Emily Maynard: Reunited!

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Are Brad Womack and Emily Maynard back together? Were they ever apart?

Unclear, but despite myriad breakup reports, The Bachelor couple are determined to make their relationship work, according to reports, and they're working through the "rough patch" that they've encountered in recent weeks.

Witnesses say they reunited in Austin this weekend and were happy as ever!

Emily and Brad Pic

According to an eyewitness, "Brad was laughing and Emily was smiling" during an intimate meal at Kona Grill and while out for drinks later.

"Emily was her putting her hands in the air and dancing in her seat. They were both smiling and chatting," an eyewitness tells Us Weekly.

When a fan approached The Bachelor star and his gorgeous fiancee for a photo, "they held hands across the table and willingly smiled."

Of course, there are serious issues to work out, such as the long distance factor and the fact that Brad Womack is a temperamental commitment-phobe.

Or so we've heard. Who knows really. Anyway ... think they'll make it?


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Sorry to say this, but Emily is not in LOVE with Brad. It's all about her!


Hey,I am a huge fan of Bachelor and bachelorette and I STRONGY and definately encourage Brad and Emily getting back together.I think that Brad was doing the right thing when he got down on one knee and proposed to Emily instead of Chantal. I am not one to offend anyone when I say this but I just think that Emily is the right one for Brad. I mean we all saw what had happened a few seasons ago when he didn't pick anyone to be his wife and that's an understandable sittuation to get yourself into. With that being said I definately don't blame Brad for not picking anyone. So bottom line is this " DEAR BRAD WOMACK AND EMILY MAYNARD, " PLEASE RECKINDLE YOUR ENGAGEMENT AND GET BACK TOGETHER AND GET MARRIED!!!!!!"


I have been praying for them to make it.If they are truly in love, some counselling may help them to sort out any obstacles that might hamper this journey...J.K.


damn im tired of womack..get marrried already!! -.-