Brad Womack and Emily Maynard: Broken Up For Real!

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Despite ongoing questions regarding the status of Emily Maynard and Brad Womack's relationship (or lack there of), the answer is now clear ... and bleak.

While previous reports of Emily and Brad's breakup may've been premature, it doesn't look like this one is. She reportedly gave back her engagement ring.

Maynard was seen running errands in Charlotte, N.C., sans the rock Brad presented to her on The Bachelor finale. An insider says ABC got the ring back.

Maynard, E.
Brad W.

Sources claim that the couple's strained, long-distance relationship was just too hard to continue, with a source says "It's completely over now."

Maynard is reported to have initiated the breakup, which happened about two weeks ago after Brad's failed attempt to save their relationship.

Then there was the whole drunk-dialing incident.

"Emily is happy in Charlotte [North Carolina] and is not moving to Austin with [her 5-year-old daughter] Ricki," a source said. "She is content."

The breakup comes as no surprise to those keeping tabs on the reality couple. Trouble has been brewing basically ever since they got engaged.

The torch is passed to you, Ashley Hebert. Hope your starring turn, which began on Monday's Bachelorette premiere, works out better than Brad's.


Did Emily not know this guy was a player? He rejected both his picks before, and now he is broken up with the girl he finally picked. He was just in it for the money and "fame". Emily should count her blessings she is away from this jerk.


For starters ABC only lets us see part of the "real" story. Secondly, if Brad really does have that bad of a temper I wouldn't think any of you gals would want him in your lives or anyone that you knew. Thirdly, how well can you really get to know someone in 12 weeks? Granted, if it were just the two of you, all the time, it would be a different story. So, let's think about this rationally, and not be so quick to judge Emily for the realtionship going south. It does take two to tango.
Who knows what the outcome would have been with Chantel. Just a quick thought...out of roughly 25 seasons of the Bachelor and Bachelorette only 3 realationships have survived and 1 has ended in marriage. I wish good luck to both Brad and Emily in their quest to find true love.


It is really a shame. Towards the end, Brad was really questioning Emily as far as wether she was really ready. She made all that stink about her daughter and bringing someone into their lives and blah, blah, blah!!! Then she goes and initiates the break up. Doesn't suprise me, he should've chose Chantel anyway....


Brad feel in love with Emily's good looks but I wish he would have peeped into her soul before he proposed to Emily. Emily was stuck on who could get the ring but is so far from getting married. Brad deserves the right woman, which he had that with Ashley or the other one with the dark hair, but missed it with Emily.


No one has mentioned the fact that Emily is just way too young. Brad is much older and more mature and she is in essence still a young girl. She's just too young for him, period.


wow that really sucks for brad he seems to have no good luck in finding the right woman I wish the best for him to find the right woman.


Hmm...this comes as no surprise. Emily is a spoiled, kept little rich girl...She is immature, selfish and self centered. Her attitude is "it's all about me"....and she is most likely raising a spoiled little brat, just like her. I like Brad and I hope he finds a good and true woman....not a phoney, bleached blonde, twangy, nasaled potty mouth....This relationship failed because of Emily, NOT Brad.....She doesn;t want to leave the gravy train she is on....


Yup, 99% of the time, men will choose the prettiest girl on the block instead of who would be best for them. It's been the saga since the beginning of time. Chelsea would have been a better match for Brad, and Emily probably shouldn't have been on the show in the first place. Why was she? I suspect her motives were NOT to find Mr. Right. Heck, there are plenty of eligible men in North Carolina! So, I ask the viewers again, "WHY was Emily on the show in the first place?" If she was as devoted to Rickki as she claimed, she wouldn't have subjected her daughter to any of the backlash of a "Reality" Date Show. If you weren't going to move to another location, Emily, then why play the game in the first place. I wish them both relationship success. But, for this round, I think Brad got gypped bigtime!


I agree with Emily, watching Brads behaviour on the show would make me pull the knife outta my back and run for the hills. I would never date a guy who owned a bar, let alone five.


I agree, she never intended on moving or marrying Brad. She's the loser. Good luck to Brad..move on.

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