Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie: A Sexy Cannes Date Night!

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Visiting the French Riviera for the Cannes Film Festival, Brangelina left their six kids behind to enjoy for a romantic dinner date Saturday at Tetou, Us reports.

Tetou is a favorite for the pair, who are in town to promote Tree of Life (Brad) and Kung Fu Panda 2 (Angelina). According to witnesses, they've still got it:

"They seemed very happy. They seem completely in love, still, which is so nice to see. Their energy is amazing. He held her seat out when they arrived."

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt in Cannes

This isn't to say they don't make time for the brood, as well.

The duo have been ensconced with their six kids at a private villa - complete with a private chef and a pool full of inflatable toys - at Hotel Du Cap Eden Roc.

Though the family's arrival at the hotel was "a little manic when all the children stormed in," according to a witness, "They checked in like any other family."

"The hotel even asked for Brad and Angelina's passports and they happily waited at the front ... They had an absolutely insane amount of luggage!"

No word if Angelina's many female mistresses made the trip.



Why d hell wil u have 2 compare Brad with Johnny Depp.It is lyk comparn a refined pizza wit a pale cheese.As 4 angie she beautifully stood out at d cannes.What lustlicious couple.No wonder the press didn't find it difcult 2 merge dia names 2geda.It is no other reason,other than, that dey were meant 2 b 2geda.Carry on buddies.


Now he will have to adopt his children to make them legitimate. How stupid can two people have been. I hope their children make them feel uncomfortable with what they have done for whatever reason they did it. Go get 'em kids.


I am so unimpressed with the relationship between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Brad is so much more suited to be with ex-wife Jennifer Anniston. Angie is a cheater and will always be a cheater in my eyes. Once you walk on someone elses territory, you are damaged goods. Brad, go back to your ex-wife and take your children.


Why should Angelina Jolie be upset, how did she get Brad? What goes around comes around, sometimes a couple of times, and that's what it's been for Angelina. As far as I am concerned, he should still be married to Jennifer!


She's no anorexic, I know one when I see it,they don't dine in a restaurant,they get panic with food and look skeleton..Not AJ, just slim and I think she's gaining back her weight,since kids are growing up,the twin is almost 3 and no more babies. She and Brad lighten up Cannes Festival Red Carpet..They Wow! the crowd,every men have a crush with Angelina. Even the women,just want to be like her exotic beauty,gorgeous personality. We don't read and believe junk fade away..for they can't prove it..beside only them knows their relationship and shows how they love and respect their family..they'll grow old sharing that love. For those who hates..sorry it wont work..Johnny is happy with his life,same with Brad and AJ..Stop accusing things that not existed,it's all your own imagination..that all evil work. Leave this two beautiful couple alone.


Yeyoooooooooooooo How nice and beautiful! The King and the Queen of red carpets!!! Anorexic or not Brangelina rocks!!


Angelina looks so anorexic. Just look at her arms! Also, Brad is looking more and more like Johnny Depp in his style. Angelina had a crush on Johnny, so I guess Brad is trying to please her desires. They are not a royalty hollywood couple to me. They are a wannabe Mother Teresa and a no-talent actor adulterer!


Angelina Jolie is naturally very beautiful. Looking at pictures of other women celebrities at Cannes red carpet Angelina stood out from a mile away! She is just extremely beautiful. She is not like one of the dime a dozen Hollywood blonde look.

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