Bethenny Frankel: Sued for $100 Million

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Earlier this year, Bethenny Frankel claimed she has earned over $120 million since she debuted as a Real Housewife on Bravo.

Turns out, she may need every last dime of that fortune.

According to E! News, the reality star is being sued by her former management company, Raw Talent Inc., for non-payment of commission. The firm is asking for $12 million because Frankel "willfully and knowingly fleeced" it out of allegedly earned funds. It's also demanding $100 million in punitive damages.

B. Frank

In August of 2008, Bethenny went to Raw Talent for help developing and marketing her Skinnygirl cocktail line. The lawsuit alleges she agreed to pay the company a 10 percent commission from profits made off that line - but never shelled out anything after it was sold for nine figures.

No response to the suit yet from Frankel's side, whose life might not be so good if she's forced to pay up.

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I love Bethenny and to all those jealous Jill's, hateful Luann's, out of her mind crazy Kelly's and greedy hanger oner's Raw Talent...GO GET A HOBBY! You people are so mean, jealous and hateful. You all are so jealous of Bethenny so jealous by HER hardwork, her happiness, you were all jealous when she made and pitched, produced a drink, wrote a book, did her "I'd rather be nude", talked to the media, met a great man, got pregnant, got married, got HER OWN SHOW, the birth of her baby! all you HATERS.....GO GET A HOBBY!


I hope the Judges have common sense and throw this suit out. Too many vultures trying to hang on to the coat tails of the successful ones. America needs to smarten up.


She sold SGM for $149m. If anyone believes that Raw Deal goes for verbal contracts, think again. This is the 21st century!
If she gets burnt, well it will take care of some of the stuff she has done. She is not so innocent but as bitchy as the next NYC Housewife.


I love Bethenny. She is so real. I have laughed and cried with her and hubby. She knows she has problems and shared them with her visits to her doctor. Great sense of humor. The crazy one. He is learning about her with us and as always is tender, understanding and loving. I hope no-one hurts her. Best reality show EVER.


Is it just me or does she kinda look an extremely horrible version of "the joker" from batman in her picture. Ugly and scary as fuck Bethenny is. What kinda name is that even. pathetic.


It is a funny thing how now after she makes it big with Skinny Girl this management company all of a sudden wants payment. And like she said......"Mo money Mo problems!"


If Raw Talent did indeed, by virtue of performance, help her launch the Skinnygirl line they may be entitled to some kind of compensation. An oral contract that is supported by actual performance (introducing her to her partner, etc) is defensible. It appears Bethenny didn't build her success "all by herself" as she claims. Another Bethenny myth shattered. If she continues to make what may be exaggerated and fraudulent claims she's also going to continue to bring trouble upon herself. America sure is "dumbed down"! People are so gullible they believe anything she says is gospel truth... even if it's spin.


If this guy really thought she owned him, he would be going after her all along. Skinnygirl has been successful for a long time now. He has had 3 yrs to do something about it and just decides to do it now? Appears the only snake here is Raw Talent and people that agree with them. Introductions don't deserve 112 million dollars. That is like saying you introduced to my husband and now I owe you my first born. Quit being a hater.


when $ comes in the vultures show up. She fired them 3 years ago & now, all of a sudden they want money. Doesn't sound right. Like she said "mo money, mo problems".


They have to bring the lawsuit now if they ever want to secure their rights because the company has been sold. If she had a contract even if it were oral and Raw Talent made the intro to David Kanbar her co-founder and full partner was part of the deal discussions, then they might be entitled to recover their commission fees. Bethenny is a snake and now it is showing!!!