Bentley Williams: The Bachelorette Bad Guy!

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Bentley Williams was cast as this season's villain on The Bachelorette - sort of like a Wes Hayden / Justin Rego hybrid - before he even got out of the limo.

Before the night began, Ashley Hebert explained she had been warned about Bentley by someone from last season (Michelle) who loosely knows him.

According to this Deep Throat, he was coming on the show promote his company and not find love ... a.k.a. NOT THERE FOR THE RIGHT REASONS!

Bentley admitted to the producers he wished Emily Maynard was The Bachelorette, then acted ambivalent about Ash ... who gave him a rose anyway.

Bentley Williams Picture

Despite all the warning signs - Chris even begged Ashley to cut him - she went with her gut, and from the looks of this season preview, she may well regret it.

"He reminds me of every bad guy in all the John Hughes movies. His name should be Blaine and he should drive a red Porsche or something," Harrison says.

"Everyone says the producers are jerks and how could [we] do that to her, but she always has the final decision, she can always get rid of this guy."

"You didn't even see how much I begged her to bag this guy right there on Night 1. She said I'm going with my gut and she gave the guy a rose."

More reflections on the premiere from Chris after the jump ...

On Jeff, a.k.a. The Guy in the Mask: I'll be honest, I said, "Ashley, he has a mask on; the conversation, in my opinion, should probably stop there."

But because things went so bad [on The Bachelor] with Brad and she felt like she did everything wrong, now she's doing the complete opposite."

"She gave Jeff an honest effort and said there's more to him, I don't love the whole mask idea, but I get it and I'm going to give him another shot."

On Tim McCormack getting wasted: "He had obviously had a bit of liquid courage before he got out of the limo and then proceeded to get obliterated."

"He just lost it out there. As funny as it was, that's not appropriate. Night 1 is your first impression and if you can't not drink - talk about a red flag."

On future standouts: "Ames, the more you to know him you're going to be, like, this guy is so interesting. Ryan, J.P., Ben C. and Ben F., Constantine, and William - my wife thinks William is the winner and should be the next Bachelor already."

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He's so ugly and Ashley's radar is way off!!!! This girl is messed up in the head.


He is not even good looking.Just remember Karma is a B_____....


I feel Bentley has been "cast" by the producers to put some drama in the mix. I just wonder if he gets paid more for going along with being the bad guy. It really is obvious. Ashley is definitely in on it and the previews of her going to bed dressed and crying are so over the top. She really is not that good of an actress. Hey if it helps the ratings it can't be bad, right? I think this season may just put the nail in the coffin of the show. It is just so over the top in its orchestration.


He certainly gives himself a bad name...He is so calous, I am so suprised that he is a father... of a little girl. He comments and behavior are shameful. Makes you wonder about his influence on his little daughter. Scary!


a nice smile, a penis, and bad news.
seems Emily from last season is a bit of a game-player as well.
get her # and go home, Bentley.


Now that's an ugly shirt and fix your hair!


Bentley is the kind of man that gives men a bad name. On another note after looking at a still photo of Bentely, this man will not age well ladies.


He is an ass, but he has something. Can't quite figure it out.


If anyone believes this show is anything other than being orchestrated by the producers to achieve high ratings is asleep. I believe the "actors" on the show are all aware of the scenarios and it plays out for the ratings.


Going with her gut, i.e., picking who the producers tell her to pick, to ensure high ratings and drama. Those who believe otherwise are simply niave. Trust.

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