Arnold Schwarzenegger Affair Fallout: Did He Get Caught? Why Did He Come Clean Now?

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Arnold Schwarzenegger's startling admission that he fathered a child out of wedlock over a decade ago begs a number of questions, chief among them:

  1. Who is the mystery female employee he impregnated?
  2. Having hidden it so well under heavy scrutiny, why admit it now?
  3. How could be run for office while hiding a secret of this magnitude?

We don't know the answer to question #1 right now, though we imagine we will in time. The second is equally unclear. The third? Only Arnold knows.

Maria Shriver, Arnold Schwarzenegger

His mistress, who worked in the family's home and continued to do so until earlier this year, always maintained that her then-husband was the dad.

This is a remarkable story for a number of reasons.

Even if Schwarzenegger's public persona was a macho rogue, adultery doesn't play well with voters ... nor does lying and pulling a John Edwards.

When the former U.S. senator and presidential candidate knocked up Rielle Hunter, he denied it to everyone's face until he was flat out busted.

Arnold, according to reports today at least, came clean to wife Maria Shriver very recently, prompting her to leave the actor and ex-governor.

Schwarzenegger and Shriver separated last week and have four children ages 13-21. The split came amid rumors of Arnold's philandering and drifting apart from his wife, but no mention of his affair or illegitimate child was made.

Until the Los Angeles Times broke the story yesterday and he confirmed it. The question is whether the Times would have found anything had the couple not split up, and if not, why Arnold didn't just take this one to his grave.

His behavior and history with women became an issue during his first campaign for California governor, in the 2003 election, but he weathered it.

Shriver offered a timely and politically crucial defense of her husband, vouching for his personal integrity. He won in 2003, then again in 2006.

So after all that, how did this come out now, right after he left the state house and returned to life as a private citizen? Perhaps because of that?

Maybe his hand was forced in some way. Maybe he just couldn't keep it from Maria anymore and the guilt ate away at him. Maybe time will tell.

Earlier today, Maria Shriver released a statement, saying, "This is a painful and heartbreaking time. As a mother, my concern is for the children."


@Kieth are you kidding me??? Are you seriously going to use that as an acceptable reason for cheating?? Let me just say I have been married 20yrs we have 3 kids I am NOT the only one in the relationship who is tired and doesn't want to have sex all the time. YES my sex drive has changed with having 3 children and with age. I keep a nice home I am ALWAYS there for my Husband and Children, it has nothing to do with Oh you make the money, you are good to her, you buy her things, your there for her so she should have sex with you!!! So is it safe to assume your out getting it on the side??? Grow Up


I'm happy to here Arnold Swarznenegger was womanizing ,because body builders wearing tiny speedos don't usually have s reputation for womaning or cheating on their wives.


how on earth can any of U say that she stopped having sex with her husband? How would U know that? Maria has not lost her figure and by the looks of that fatty he was banging , i'd keep that comment to u'r self. Maria does not look old, and by the looks of Arnold he is worn out and tired, from deceit .... that fatty knew he was married. She is to blame too.


I'm a firm believer that Nannies living in people's homes to take care of a couple's children should all be MALE nannies. I once was a nanny and very, very tempted to bed down with the husband. Why? Well, I was taking care of his children, falling in love with the kids day in and day out, and the wife was a total nag - She'd go shopping all day, and I would take care of 3 children. The husband started falling for me as well. Thank goodness I had the good sense to get out of that triangle. Anyways, with male nannies, this S H I T wouldn't happen! Or, at least the wives would get a chance at infidelity too.....Just kidding :)


Why do people blame the women? Sometimes people cheat because they can and the wife or husband of the cheater did nothing wrong. He had a wonderful family, money and intelligent wife I guess his ego was too big?


To all of those women that are bashing Arnold think about this after being married for a certain amout of time, it's always the woman who stops putting out, and us men work hard to make you feel good and try our best to confort you, but the female just has no sex drive. This drives 99.9% of men to wonder off to get something they should be getting from their wife, this is no excuse to break a commitment for life to death du us part, and in no way am I stating this is the right thing to do, what I am saying is the commitment works both ways, why do women always have an excuse like I'm tired etc. Arnold is a great person and we all struggle with problems leave him alone.


I feel bad for Maria, no wife should have to suffer the pain and agony of a cheating husband. And especially when it ends with a child involed. What a shame that he had to cheat on such a beautiful woman. Why look for leftovers, when you have homecooking at home? Some men are never satisfied, and then this is what happens!


Maria used to be pretty but not anymore like all the Kennedy sisters who aged very quickly and she lost her figure, so he he wandered.


this has been going for years he's not the only man are senator governor etc men period who has done this!!!! No need to judge I just hope the media can respect him and his family privacy!!!


So she couldn't or wouldn't take precaution by taking the pill and Arnold a condom.
Guess she didn't like the wages and with his child, the dollars would roll in.
Arnold may be a bad boy but what does that make her? It takes two to tango so to speak and an innocent child is born because of their stupidity.

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