Angelina Jolie's New Movie Will Be Called ...

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Angelina Jolie’s drama about the Bosnian War has a title.

It’s now called In the Land of Blood and Honey. But why?

“It’s a heavy film,” she tells EW at the Cannes Film Festival. “You want to find that title that really helps the audience know what they’re walking into.”

Angelina the GoddessFor months, it has been known as the Angelina Jolie Bosnian War Movie, and naming it was “driving me crazy. I have lists and lists of titles all over.”

Jolie, who wrote and directed the film, but does NOT star in it, had to settle on a name at some point. The release date is currently set for Dec. 23.

Blood and Honey, which she shot last October in Eastern Europe, focuses on a young Serbian man and a Bosnian-Muslim woman in the war of 1992.

The conflict tears them - and the former Yugoslavia - apart.

She settled on In the Land of Blood and Honey, a takeoff on the phrase “land of milk and honey,” indicating a place of great wealth – but in this case, terrible loss - for the film, which has been greeted by protests as well as anticipation.

Some survivors of the war feared it was a twisted story of romance between a soldier and the woman he was oppressing, but Jolie quickly disproved those false reports by providing the script to officials in Bosnia’s culture ministry.

Besides the sweetness/sadness theme, the areaa is part of the Balkan peninsula, and “Bal” and “kan” in Turkish translates “blood” and “honey.


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Considering the *fact that Angelina wrote and directed the film, but is Not the star indicates that she did her research in a body of work that she believed in.Stories of forbidden love have a way of getting *your attention, and I can easily believe that with Angelina at the helm of this movie production, it will be a can't miss winner. Angelina remains awesome!!


When I first read the title I thought it was a new vampire movie and got excited.