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Angelina Jolie’s drama about the Bosnian War has a title.

It’s now called In the Land of Blood and Honey. But why?

“It’s a heavy film,” she tells EW at the Cannes Film Festival. “You want to find that title that really helps the audience know what they’re walking into.”

Angelina the Goddess
For months, it has been known as the Angelina Jolie Bosnian War Movie, and naming it was “driving me crazy. I have lists and lists of titles all over.”

Jolie, who wrote and directed the film, but does NOT star in it, had to settle on a name at some point. The release date is currently set for Dec. 23.

Blood and Honey, which she shot last October in Eastern Europe, focuses on a young Serbian man and a Bosnian-Muslim woman in the war of 1992.

The conflict tears them - and the former Yugoslavia - apart.

She settled on In the Land of Blood and Honey, a takeoff on the phrase “land of milk and honey,” indicating a place of great wealth – but in this case, terrible loss - for the film, which has been greeted by protests as well as anticipation.

Some survivors of the war feared it was a twisted story of romance between a soldier and the woman he was oppressing, but Jolie quickly disproved those false reports by providing the script to officials in Bosnia’s culture ministry.

Besides the sweetness/sadness theme, the areaa is part of the Balkan peninsula, and “Bal” and “kan” in Turkish translates “blood” and “honey.



Seriously? How person like Angelina can write scenario about war in Bosnia? She has not been there before, during or after war. She does not know anything about European culture. Who is she to judge Serbs? Drug addictive, emotionally unstable, sick, spoiled young woman without any connection with reality. I can see her future - died due to excessive amount of drugs. Maybe she should get herself together instead?


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ivane netrebas se ponasati tako znam da ste ljuti i da vas grize savjest kad istina dolazi na vidjelo Angelina je upravo to i uradila dokazala je jednu sliku cjelom dunjaluku sta ste radili, ko ste i kakvi ste zato nemoj da se blamiras ni ti ni bilo ko od vas i da daje neke komentare i psuje ovdje jer se jos vise spustate na zemlju ja zaista kad ti citam komentar smijem se do beskonacno zaista ti je komentar za nizermnost...


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popusite vi kurac SRBIMA pa sta ste vi radili u ratU i vi i siptarska govna i ustaska!! i neglumite nevinascA GOVNA POTURCENA ALI JEDNOGA DANA CE ISTINA DA DODJE A PORED ISTINE I PRAVDA!!!


I don't like movies from my country it usually blames one side but there is more to that then just one side. I believe that Angie is gonna do a good work and put real faces out there... in Sarajevo shooting in 91 it was a serbian man killed on the wedding about to marry a muslim girlfriend and her brothers killed him.... most of the muslims also are serbs or croats that had to take a muslim religion during the occupation of the Turks in our area of Balkan...

@ Lizzard

the movie is not FROM your country its made by american producers and its ABOUT your country....silly


I beloved that Muslim don't want believe that were love between Serbians and Muslim, happened and will be happening, we can agree on one our traditional things don't approved, but faced people if is a lot mix marriages there, and war is war in ecru war is killing, blood nobody will name war if is not war


I turned 8 on The day the Serbs occupied our town and made us prisoners of war. The things I have experienced and seen trying to survive were amazinga and scarry, and I have yet not seen a movie capturing the truth, I am so excited to see this movie and I can't wait to see it....


Agreed Jenny. Too bad no one else wants to admit that.


The woman is obsessed with blood....Usually a sign of psychosis in one form or the other.

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