Angelina Jolie: Cheating on Brad Pitt With Multiple Women!!!!

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Angelina Jolie is a sexual being. No one can deny this.

Still, we imagine the denials will come fast and furious with the star's camp gets wind of the new cover story in Invent Brangelina Gossip Touch Weekly.

Angelina Jolie has been running around on Brad Pitt, according to this unreliable, but hilarious tabloid report. The new twist to this age-old rumor?

She has mistresses. As in multiple, female partners.

Angelina Cheating on Brad!

Ever since she was a teen, Jolie has been known as one of Hollywood’s wildest, most profoundly sexual women - and not even Brad can quench that carnal thirst.

According to a "friend," Angelina harbors strong bisexual desires and continues to engage in flings with women behind Brad’s back. She even has a girlfriend!

And got rejected by a stewardess! We call BS on that part. Who's gonna turn down hot, heavy, girl-on-girl, Mile High Club action with Angelina Jolie?!

No flight attendants we know, that's for sure.


Haa. Funny How All Of You Call Her Names & Hate Her But Yet Wanna Read The Gossip& Comment . If You Dont Like Her Float On Past It . -AnnyWayss Angelina Is Super Amazing & Loves Her Family And Wouldnt Do Anything To Jeperdize It & Yu Have No Right To Judge Her. No One In This World Is Perfect . I Bet If Yur Life Was Speculated Stupid Stories Would Come Up Also . So Hop Off Ms.Jolies Nuttz . Let Her Breath &&&&&& She Is Megga Gorgeous ;) ,, Stop Being Suchh A Haterr .


Agreed with all the comments!! Hate this BIOTCH!! Jen and Brad were way off better than this controlling drugged out psycho!!


I am no flight attendant, but I would sure turn down this skinny, sick looking thing.
The thought of it grosses me out!


Skydiver I agree with every single word you wrote. I hate women you can't trust around your man. She has no boundaries. Hate her.


why is brad with her jennifer aniston looks so much better than angelina. I still think brad and jenn will end up back together they werent fighting every other day and she wasnt a jelouse control freak


Sick of this slut. She is just a slut. Pure and simple. I don't care what good she has done- it's all just PR cuz she's a slut!

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