Andrew Garfield and Shannon Woodward: It's Over!

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Andrew Garfield is no longer in a relationship with Shannon Woodward.

The 27-year-old Social Network star has broken up with the Raising Hope actress, his girlfriend since 2008, Us Weekly sadly confirms this afternoon.

A source says that the British actor and Woodward grew apart as he "got deeper into filming The Amazing Spider-Man; he literally never saw her."

Andrew Garfield and Shannon Woodward

The insider adds that Woodward is "telling people they're on a break... [but] they haven't spoken to each other in weeks." Sounds like it's over.



WOW big suprise ...he began working work Emma stone ..cheated on his girl developed feelings and dumped a brad pitt jenn thing less famous..haha i was reading pathetic comments on other sites people like omgg hes mine noww singlee yay..not one person mentioned idk if they realized he was never single maybe pretend media single so it didnt look like he hoped from his gf to emma while filming spiderman but they did come out. stupid people.hes ugly gross huge adams apple ..totally looks GAY..he looks like a really nice homosexual.but girls think hes nice i guess idk cos of his nerd look?Hes a cheat who jus wants a hotter more famous girl if one should come around.bleh


Well guess what, Garfield is about to become one of the biggest stars in the world after Spider-Man, so get to knowing!


Who??? This is such a dumb story. These 2 ppl I've never heard of haven't spoken in a few weeks? Really? Give me a break.

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