And the Survivor Winner is...

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He entered the season as a known favorite, a strong competitor that had already appeared in three previous seasons.

Yet Boston Rob Mariano still managed to work his charm and his schemes on Survivor: Redemption Island, winning the $1 million grand prize on last night's live finale.

Redemption Island Winner

Host Jeff Probst showered the veteran player with praise, saying Mariano played the game in “a style that would make any mob boss proud," while the man who loves to be an intimidating villain said:

"At the end of the day, it's about my wife and child. Ultimately I want to win so I can bring it home and they can have a better future."

Next season, Survivor heads to the South Pacific. Check out the official preview for the edition that kicks off this fall below.


YAY ROB!! But I agree... This season was so so so so dull!


Why have they decided that we want to see previous players over and over and over??? How can it be fair to the first time players to have compete against people that have been there 3 and 4 times. What kind of competition is that? Of course someone won that has played the game so many times. How about if they go back to playing a fair game with all first time players? What a concept.....


meant "living"


this season was not boring at all. I have never missed an episode since the beginning & this was 1 of the most entertaining of the last 5 or 6. Rob played the perfect game, everyone on the jury that was mad, wished they could have played the social game he did, plus he won a few individual immunities too. Amber won a million, he came in 2nd, they both came in 2nd the 1st time they were on The Amazing Race. They got paid to have their wedding on tv. He had a short lived Poker Show that got canceled when he did the Amazing Race. He produces & does actually work. Why hate on them for earning a live I could only dream of?


His wife won a mil too heres an idea for a better future get a job. Maybe now someone new can be on i guess keep tryin till they give it to you. And i voted for matt to win the 100gs.


the most boring survivor ever and I have been watching for 20 seasons.

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