American Idol Elimination: Who Remains?

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Despite having two chances to sing for the votes of viewers on Tuesday night, no American Idol finalist distinguished himself or herself this week.

There was no clear cut favorite to stick around or to be sent home, making this evening's elimination the most difficult of the season to predict.

Season 10 Final 4

So, which unlucky crooner won't be taking us back to his hometown next week?

Jams Durbin heard his name called by Ryan Seacrest tonight, surprising many viewers who thought the aspiring rocker had the best chance to go all the way.

"I worked so damn hard to get here," James said, fighting back tears. "God, I was really hoping to get there, but, you know, I had a feeling today. God, I did so much stuff that's never been done on this show before... In my eyes, in my mind, I did what I came here to do - and that was to give metal a chance."

He then performed "Maybe I'm Amazed" as his farewell song.

Jumping James

This leaves three contestants remaining: Scotty McCreary, Lauren Alaina and Haley Reinhart. Did the viewers get it right by voting off Durbin?


I wonder if anyone noticed that when Haley was hugging James after he was eliminated,she had a big grin on her face, all big teeth & red lips.
It reminded me of 'Chuckie' in those horror flicks and really sppoked me... She's really a piece of work.


James is too talented not to be picked up and signed by a studio...let the others be Idol Puppetts....Most winners are no where in their careers..James is too creative..and the rest are predictablefor me I just wanna see this so called calling service that recieves 50-+60 million calls...yeh right...Watch the Voice....better show more fair


He was a bad singer!


I'm not a teenage but a person who has children the age of these kids and an ear for music. James should have won, and without him the show won't be worth watching. James has a voice like Bon Jovi and what could ever be wrong with that??? I hope he goes on to be an amazing success. I work with kids with disabilities like autism everyday (by the way we all have a disability of some sort), and I am extremely proud of anyone who goes out to be the best that they can and does not use a disability as an excuse in life. They are the true winners!!!!!
Best wishes, James; I'll be there to buy that CD! :)


Screamin' Mimi! I agree with you completely. She should have let a long time ago.


I think it's ridiculous. But, if we notice in Idol history, the winners aren't always the ones that have the best albums or stick around in the public eye. I think James is excellent and he WILL be seen again. JAMES! UPTON LOVES YOU MAN!


Bridgett & Just sentiments exactly!! If Haley wins the whole thing then I wholeheartedly believe the show is fixed.


I was in absolute disbelief that James was sent home. It is a shame that someone who is not so very talented could win just because some teeny boppers think he or she is cute!!! And I so agree that Haley is a spoiled brat! She always had something to say back to the judges when they critiqued her. And did anyone notice that after it had been announced that James was to go home and all three of the others went over to hug him that Lauren and Scotty had sad sympathetic looks on their faces for him, but oh no not Haley! She was smiling from ear to ear, so big that you could see every one of her teeth!! I understand that she was happy that she was not going home, but for god sakes you selfish little bitch, show a little compasion for the one who is going home. I mean really, she did not give a damn how James might be feeling, all she cared about and has ever cared about is herself! A selfish brat indeed!!!!!


hate it or love it, this is how America voted. The show should not lose credibility for James leaving. He's talented. Have talented people gone home before him? yes. And talented people will go home after him. He'll still have a great career, he'll still go on tour. He doesn't have the title "American Idol" but he's musically hungry and driven to have a successful ride in the music business. The judges were huge fans of his, constantly praising him and even predicting he might win. Clearly if the show was fixed by producers, James would not be one they'd want to send home. He's versatile, different, marketable, relevant, and he has a story. Unfortunately, sometimes with this show, people forget to vote for a favorite bc they assume they're safe. James has never been in the bottom three before. It happens. The show will go on and people who say they'll NEVER watch again will pick a new favorite next week and be tuned in to the finale ... and next season and so on. Just the ways it goes!


ok ive read all the comments some males for the girls some women for the guys, but come on getting James off the show i think there is alot of tone deaf folks out there first Pia now James, i watch this show and could not believe this i was sure it was Haley even randy (one of the judges) said she wasn't that impressive,when my friends and family seen James go there was alot of shock and disbeliefs, Scotty is awesome too but im done watching the show because i think there is something wrong with the voting thing, i know lots of us voted alot for James, Scotty and Lauren, James my friend dont let this get you down you did awesome luv, my your dreams come true for you and your family.


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