American Idol Elimination: Who are the Finalists?

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American Idol is down to its final two.

After 95 million people cast votes this week, Nashville residents Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery will do battle on Tuesday night to decide the season 10 title.

Yes, this means Haley Reinhart was voted out last night.

Farewell, Haley Reinhart

"My oh my," Haley said about learning the news. "This is the biggest platform any girl, anybody, could ask for. I rocked it out, and I had a blast."

Reinhart then sang a tremendous farewell song, belting out "Bennie and the Jets" to the judges and then to Jacob Lusk and Naima Adedapo in the audience. We'll miss her.

Did viewers make the right choice?


finally! she should have been gone a long time ago.either way now we got ourselves a country idol! and im lovin it!


95 million votes and about 96% of them went to Scotty and Lauren?! That just confirms the concerns American Idol fans had last week over the phone number snafu that was believed to cause fans intending to vote for James to vote for Haley in error! She stunk and good riddens.


OMG! Hailey did kinda did the same over and over... But lets see what these 2 country kids bring us......but I really wanted PIA to win.


Well of course James was my american idol!! But Im glad that Lauren and Scotty are the final two!!! Haley should have went gome a long time ago!! SHES GOT A BAD ATTITUDE!!! Thats a big NO NO NO!!!! On T.V. girl GROW UP!!!!Glad the little smart A** is GOING HOME!! GOOG BYE HALEY!!!! Bet ur not smiling now!! lol

Patsy collins hood

Did you see the look on Haley's face when she was eliminated? Priceless! I got so tired of hearing her growl in every single song she sang! Enough! She had an attitude. But I also fear that Lauren will be another Jordan Sparks and never heard of again and Scotty sounds like all the rest of the country singers. Jacob Lusk was my fav. But then again....he sounded like all the Luthers and Babyfaces. Nothing unique this year.


I guess it boils down to a knee slappin ho down. Really people? Not saying these two don't have talent but the real talent was last two to get kicked off. Who's watching this show? Polish hillbillies?


I Think that Americans voted for the right ones.There were some of the best, ones in a long time.Great season


Sorry..James should have been in finals! Once he got the boot, who cares who wins? Im done watching for the season.


Um... WTF? Neither one of the finalists are from Nashville. They're still in high school in their respective hometowns.
And Haley had talent, there's no denying, but she wasn't likeable. Had a bit of an atittude, and came off as a self involved brat.


You can tell who voted off Haley on the blogs. Teeny bopper jealous girls who thought Haley was a brat. Hello? It's a singing competition, and she rocked. Out of the great 12 that started, we are really left with the bottom 2 from Hicksville who sing the same genre, can't sing anything else. Boring final. Bring on Simon's show, the format sounds like finalists like these will never happened. Love Tyler this season though...


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