American Idol Crowns Season 10 Champion

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A record 122 million votes were cast this week on American Idol. And, after all were tallied, who did viewers crown the champion?

Scotty McCreery!
Scotty Wins!

Following an evening that included special performances by Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, Bono, The Edge, Gladys Knight, Tony Bennett, Steven Tyler and more, Ryan Seacrest made the announcement that led to screams and cheers from the crowd.

"Never in my wildest dreams," Scotty said upon being crowned victor. "I gotta thank the Lord. He got me here."

So, THG readers, you tell us: Did America get it right?

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I dont ever watch american idol but my grandma does ans always tells me about it. From what she's told me I kinda assumed Scotty would win. She wanted Lauren to win though.


Scotty will finally restore fame to the AI winning title. In recent years most of the "winners" have fallen into the "where are they now?" category.


I agree with Melissa Rauschert James, Casey Paul and Haley would of been a finale ... I am sad Lauren did not win but she will get very popular I am sure producers are bitting at the bit to have her when the tour is over ...


For once ameroca got it right.he is very good for as young as he is,even if he did not win I am sure he would have had a record deal in the works.


Of course America got it rite!!! I luv u Scotty!!! Ur the best ever I'm so gonna buy ur album when u go famous!!!


@Linda Marten, where are you that the finale was still going on? I thought the entire country got to see it at the same time (not delayed broadcast, that is). Just curious.


I like Scotty I think he's alittle more prepared to take on the title of AI and his good peformances were more consistant than Lauren's. What I'd like to know is why whoever set up this poll, listed Pia as a 3rd choice and not James? James and Judas Priest Rocked! I think as a whole, this season will have produced more potential "artists" than any of the previous seasons!


@ jillian... I tought the same thing, I even told my husband that they seem like they may be dating.. And I agree they do look cute together.! Best Wishes For Him.


Congratulations to a genuine, nice guy and natural talent (And I voted for Lauren, BTW). But what was great about this finale was that either way, talent was going to win. One small complaint, touching as it may have been, I would have preferred for Scotty to have saved the hug-fest until AFTER his song. That is THE moment we wait for all season - the winner singing their soon to be released single, for the first time as the American Idol. He kind of threw it away to hug everybody in sight. Like I said, touching, but frustrating because that's the moment we really want to hear the winner SING!!!


Congratulations Scotty you are the best and always will be love you good luck now and always god bless you.

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