American Idol Crowns Season 10 Champion

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A record 122 million votes were cast this week on American Idol. And, after all were tallied, who did viewers crown the champion?

Scotty McCreery!
Scotty Wins!

Following an evening that included special performances by Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, Bono, The Edge, Gladys Knight, Tony Bennett, Steven Tyler and more, Ryan Seacrest made the announcement that led to screams and cheers from the crowd.

"Never in my wildest dreams," Scotty said upon being crowned victor. "I gotta thank the Lord. He got me here."

So, THG readers, you tell us: Did America get it right?

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Lauren Alaina has such a beautiful voice it's the one that some ppeole only wish to have. I can't believe some ppeole call her fat she is not fat in the least bit. and it's sad to think that some ppeole in this world could criticize someone from the way they look. That just shows how disrespectful some ppeole are, but they obviously say rude things because they are so unhappy with themselves. Lauren is going to go so far in her life, and this is just the beginning for her. She's gorgeous, caring, and good-hearted. I've been a fan since day one. She never needs to stop believing in herself. Never.


Scotty deserves this victory. He put his faith in the Lord...was not ashamed to give praise to the Lord and handled all the harsh comments with grace. I will definitely support this young man (although country is not my fav music). His voice has made me a fan. I stopped watching the show because of the judges a few years back. This year I decided to check it out again and enjoyed the talent. I do believe a few other contestants were ousted too soon. However, I am pleased that Scotty is the winner between the two finalists. He will have a great career as a recording artists.


does he think hes really going to be rich & famous? I think not, given that only carrie has been able to keep and expand her fame. Kelly clarkson who? Ruben who?


I am from india and liked scottys simple way but great way of singing, cheers scotty


congrats brought home the bacon..two thumbs deserved the crown...


I thought lauren was a better choice, but congrats scotty!


Even though she didn't win, I think Lauren will be the bigger star. Scotty deserved to win as much as either one of them but Lauren has more of the star quality!


Congratulations Scooty your the best, you deserved the Crowns, more power to you. You prove to everyone
that country songs is not boring. LOVE IT.


Congrats Scotty! But Lauren shoulda won out of the two finalists.. Overall i think James or Casey shoulda won!


It was so exciting. Both artists were great. I was rooting for Scotty! Congrats. His song though was terrible.

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