Amber Portwood: Wooed By Sexy Gary Shirley Texts!

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Gary Shirley and Amber Portwood used to be engaged. No longer.

The big daddy has engaged his baby mama in a series of flirty, sexy text messages, however, prompting speculation that it might not be over yet!

Gary kicked off the online flirting with a Tweet last week at Amber, writing, "I love you so much. I miss u too. See you tomorrow beautiful girl.”

Amber, Gary, Leah Pic

He followed that with “I support you any day.” Later, a private response spurred Gary to Tweet, “your text is cracking me up your [sic] too cute.”

Amber Portwood appears just as much into it, Tweeting, “Awe babe love you too and I had a blast at Peppers it was great being w friends.”

Then Monday, Gary continued the lovefest: “miss u baby wish u were here with me I’d hold u all night. Ps I’m kissing u thru this tweet. Muaw.”

We think that's a kiss. Which is kind of gross. Get a room you two!

Not to mention he let everyone know he was with Amber, writing, “@aprtwd Next to me half naked. Wearing my shirt. #22′s #HarryBoswald.”

No idea who Harry Boswald is or whether there was a three-way involved, but we can say two things for certain after reading this exchange:

  • Their next epic meltdown is looming imminently.
  • Chelsea Handler hates them both hard core.

gag! These 2 both have self destruction paths. They love each other then in an instant flip the switch to hate. Their poor daughter will not know any better being raised by trash.


why does he have to tweet it? Cant he just text her & save the rest of the world from throwing up.


Gross gross gross


They are so obviously needing some public attention. I am embarassed on their behalf because they're too stupid to know how transparent these antics are.

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